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2x Compound
Craft At:
Vehicle Bay or Printer

The 1-Seat is a large (2 slots) attachment that can be put on trucks, rovers, and even shuttles. While in the seat, players are able to operate whatever the seat is connected to.

There are two different 1-Seats in the game, however their functions are interchangeable. Closed-canopy 1-Seats can be crafted on top of a Shuttle while open-canopy 1-Seats can be crafted either with a Printer or atop a Rover or Truck.

Usage[edit | edit source]

1-Seats can be lifted and placed atop a Rover, Truck and Shuttle. Spaceships require you to use a Habitat. When targeting the seat, the user can press Tab to enter the seat and begin operating the vehicle. If two seats are placed on the same vehicle, whomever enter the vehicle first assumes control of the vehicle. As of right now, seat orientation cannot be adjusted either and the direction the seat is facing is assumed to be "forwards", so make special care not to hitch another vehicle facing the wrong direction.

If created in the vehicle bay, the seat is bound to the vehicle it is created on unless the vehicle is blown up bye Dynamite.

Construction[edit | edit source]

1-Seats can either be found in Discoveries or crafted at a Vehicle Bay or a Printer. They cost 2 Compound.

Bugs/Glitches[edit | edit source]

  • A major glitch with the seat allows the player to travel across land very quickly. This bug is very easy too, all the player needs to do is pick up and enter a seat at the same time and wherever the camera is aimed, the seat will fly off in that direction while carrying the player. No oxygen is lost while doing this which makes it very useful, however, doing this is not advised as it can lead to the game crashing and/or lost save files.

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