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Tier 1
Group Collector
Type Consumable
Recipe 1x Compound
Crafted at Backpack

Description[edit | edit source]

Filters are a "consumable" item that can be used in a pinch to save your life by providing you with oxygen. They are similar to Power Cells in the way that they work.

Usage[edit | edit source]

  • In Astroneer, all planets have some atmosphere with free oxygen, among others gasses. Filters will allow the player to get oxygen from the atmosphere itself when it is not connected to another source like a base or vehicle.
  • A stack of filters holds 4 filters which can work for up to 20 seconds each before they clog up and need to be disposed of.
  • A filter only activates if you don't have access to any other oxygen supply, such as tethers or mined oxygen.
  • When one of the filter parts starts to be used, it will disappear from the stack and during the next 20 seconds, you don't consume oxygen and your tanks are filled at the rate of 10 seconds per tank.