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Surface, Caves, Fuel Condenser
Used In:
Shuttle, Spaceship and Thruster

Hydrazine is one of the resources in Astroneer. It can be mined from deposits on the surface or in the first levels of caverns. It can also be created using a Fuel Condenser module.

Hydrazine is used as fuel for the Shuttle, Spaceship and Thruster

It is very useful for trading on the Trade Platform because you can get it so easily with the Fuel Condenser, though it has been reduced in sale value to 1, and the Fuel Condenser has been nerfed, making it tedious to trade for rarer materials. However, with enough power generation and multiple Fuel Condensers it can still be done with ease.

It looks like a Tank, but with purple liquid inside and the Attachment Point is on the side.

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