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Surface, Caves, Fuel Condenser
Used In:
Shuttle, Large Shuttle and Thruster

Hydrazine is one of the resources in Astroneer. It can be mined from deposits on the surface or in the first levels of caverns. It can also be created using a Fuel Condenser module.

It looks like a Tank, but with purple liquid inside and the Attachment Point is on the side.

Uses[edit | edit source]

  • Hydrazine can be used to fuel a spacecraft for travel, as one tank of it, equal to 2 fuel unit
    • Takeoff and Landing each costs 1 fuel unit
    • Interplanetary travels costs 2 fuel unit
  • It can also fire in the thruster for 10 second for each tank of hydrazine
  • It can explode in a much larger intensity than dynamite, the hydrazine itself however require an external trigger aka. the dynamite itself

Media[edit | edit source]