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In the distance, a storm.

In Astroneer a storm is a roaming entity that can:

  • Kill you by lobbing heavy objects at you
  • Wreak havoc on your base camp by blowing away valuable materials
  • Toss your vehicle into deep crevices or caves, making them difficult to retrieve

Surviving Storms[edit | edit source]

  • To assure your hard won materials or Artifacts are not blown away, secure them using a storage or by affixing them to an empty slot in a platform (of any kind), a habitat, or onto vehicles.
  • To assure your vehicles are not blown away, attach them to a platform by driving close enough to connect a power hose (click on the clear hose to connect it)
  • To prevent death players can enter a habitat, quickly dig a hole in the ground deep enough to avoid flying debris, or enter a cave to wait the storm out.
  • The truck only offers protection provided the wind does not flip the vehicle, so taking cover in the truck by carefully entering a cave opening can be a wise strategy.
  • To prevent vehicle from getting hit by debris, dev suggested the player to build garages using the terrain tool

Types of Storms[edit | edit source]

As of Alpha (Jan 2016) players will only see dust storms. These can be heard approaching as a roaring wind and seen as a cloud of dust and debris.