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The storm is a very notable hazard in Astroneer, most player will engage this hazard as early as their third day, It can kill the player, knock away unsecured resource, and even flip over vehicles. Most storm has a different intensity depend on how close the players are to their center, the closer it is the more lethal debris will be flung towards the player. It's behavior consist of roaming around the planet for a moment, before having a periodically scripted encounter and start seeking the player.

Surviving Storms[edit | edit source]

  • To assure your hard won materials or Artifacts are not blown away, secure them using a storage or by affixing them to an empty slot in a platform (of any kind), a habitat, or onto vehicles.
  • To assure your vehicles are not blown away, attach them to a platform by driving close enough to connect a power hose (click on the clear hose to connect it)
  • To prevent death players can enter a habitat, quickly dig a hole in the ground deep enough to avoid flying debris, or enter a cave to wait the storm out.
  • The truck only offers protection provided the wind does not flip the vehicle, so taking cover in the truck by carefully entering a cave opening can be a wise strategy.
  • To prevent vehicle from getting hit by debris, the developer suggested the player to build garages using the terrain tool

Gallery[edit | edit source]