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Terran Planet

Terran is the starting planet in Astroneer. The Player begins his/her journey with a habitat on Terran.

Terran is the only planet with a moon, Barren.

Terran has low plains and tall mountains. It is scattered with Flora throughout the planet.

Terran has large amounts of Compound and Resin on its surface. In its caves, Malachite and Laterite are common. Hydrazine can also be found in the caves of Terran, but is not as common as Malachite and Laterite. If you dig deep enough into the planet, you can find veins of Coal and Astronium.

The weather on this planet has no extremes, and storms appear occasionally. Both Solar Panels and Wind Turbines are good sources of generating power.

The time it takes for a day/night cycle to pass is exactly 10 minutes.