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Trade Platform Module

The Trade Platform is one of the Modules in Astroneer. It requires 2 Aluminum to be constructed, but first need to be unlocked in the Research Module.

Each Resource in the game has a certain value when it is traded, based on its rarity as listed below:

Rarity Resources Cost to Purchase Sale Value
Common Compound, Resin, Organic 2 1
Uncommon Laterite, Malachite, Hydrazine 4 2
Rare Aluminum, Copper 8 4
Rarest Coal, Lithium, Titanium 16 8

Each item is sold for half the value it costs to purchase. For example, 1 laterite costs 4 compound to purchase but will only sell for 2 compound.

The limited Resin on Barren makes the Trade Platform an easy option to obtain some. Combined with the Fuel Condenser, 8 Hydrazine may be traded for 8 Resin or 8 Compound.

Video Tutorial -[edit | edit source]

Tips[edit | edit source]

Using a fuel condenser to create Hydrazine to sell with the Trade Platform is a common practice as it's a direct way to turn power into resources.