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1. In your Backpack you have 11 spaces for items. 8 on the back facing you when you open it up. 2 on the top to the right and left and the slot used for your personal crafting. Any items can be stored in the 10 slots on your backpack while the appropriate material can be stored in the printer. For example, if you need compound to craft tethers while it is highlighted as the next item to be crafted you can store compound in that area. Items will not automatically go in the open sports on the right and left of your backpack you have to manually drag them there. However, it is only in these areas power generation items will function.

2. You can hold shift while left-clicking an item to snap it directly into any of the 8 main slots in your backpack if you have at least one open.

3. When you die any items in the top left or right outside storage spot or in the crafting slot of your backpack will stay with you when you respawn.

4. If you die while holding any items (Artifacts, Storages, Seats or simply item stacks) you will respawn at your base still holding them. (will likely be patched)

5. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to stay alive or regain power while exploring, mining an oxygen or power source and keeping the stack in your backpack will allow you to replenish your power/oxygen as needed, automatically. This also works for your base and and vehicles. Though, while the oxygen is not needed the power that you mine can recharge your base's modules and vehicle batteries. All you have to do is connect it to an open attachment spot (red circle).

6. Items you can craft through your inventory can be used on your base or vehicle as well as on yourself. An example would be the generator (small) which uses organic as fuel. While this is not as good as the generator (large) the difference is in what resource is used to generate energy. This makes the small version an easy way to power your base, vehicles or backpack at night.

7. It is not necessary to leave Terran to gather Titanium, Lithium or Coal as Artifacts provide a source for all of these items, readily available on Terran, through research. They can also be acquired through Trade.

8. While building out your base, instead of expanding to the next location your conduit goes to you can expand off of that spot again to have your modules further away from your base. This will also leave you with two connection points open in between. These are great for power generation/storage.

9. Placing one or more crafted storage on your smelter is a good way to minimize the risk of running out of space for your resources while smelting.

10. Your Vehicles can be attached together to form road trains.

11. If you are ever walking along your Tether line and it goes dark, just trace your line back until you see the break in the connection. (Sometimes this will require you to trek back to your base as a known bug currently in the game has tether lines randomly malfunctioning. Simply lift and replace the first tether and this will likely solve the problem.)

12. The rock formations that have resources growing from them with the large arrows regenerate resources over time. If you find a resource you need consistently you can place a beacon or build a tether line to it without the need of having to look all over for that specific resource. Knowing that, power spots are valuable to keep your base going at night or vehicles. (Though, do to slow generation it is recommended you use batteries or wind power to sustain yourself overnight.)

13. When you research something new, check your printer, backpack, vehicle bay, and new modules to build. It can be any of those. With that in mind, try to have a spot open for future modules to make it easier to check.