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Hey Rkaneus! Like your ideas for the wiki, I've gone ahead and promoted you to wiki guardian so you should have rights to adjust some stuff if you feel the need. I went ahead and moved the workspace page to your userpage (look top left), that's a better spot for a sandbox. If you want to have a dialog with the community, maybe the community portal is a bit better. If you'd like to join us on our Gamepedia Slack Group, that's a better way to chat to the other admins and or all the wiki support you could ever hope for. Also: please hit me up if you have any questions or comments!

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Please do not make large edits to other peoples work without discussing it with others. FlorentPoujol put a lot of work into the research page and honestly I think the information you moved belongs there.

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I have not been able to get a hold of any of the people I have poked. The block of images etc were moved to Artifacts because its information about *artifacts*, not research which is the title of that page, and I did not wish to maintain the same data in two different places and have them be inconsistent. The rules state anyone can edit stuff and indeed pages I have put a lot of work into have been refined since. Additionally your reversion introduced error. A duplicated artifact image has returned and critical information that I had added to the page has been lost. Perhaps in your enlightened view of 'everyone plays nice' you could have asked me why I did what I did, or at least actually looked closely. People each trying to maintain fiefdoms doesn't work in wikis. Lacking contact from anyone else, I have put some notes up on Rkanesworkspace in the hopes I *could* discuss things with other regs and not fight with them or duplicate work.

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