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The class of Equipment covers any tools and consumables that are the size of small items.

Power Generation

Various different pieces of equipment can generate Power, both for your suit (via the two equipment ports on your Backpack) or by placing them on the front, top, or rear attachment points of a structure or vehicle.


The generator crafted in the Backpack produces power by placing Organic resources onto it. The second tier machine of this type (crafted by a Printer Facility) is also called "Generator," but is instead a large sized object and produces power by burning Coal. Both continue to use the resource after they have fully charged all connected batteries and work stations, until the resource is depleted.


Solar Cells generate power in direct sunlight.

Wind Vane

Wind Vanes provide power during storms, when moving, and during wind.



Tethers connect to other tethers, buildings, and vehicles. They route oxygen and power to the player. They also emit light. They are produced by the backpack 3D printer.


Beacons are waypoint markers produced by the backpack 3D printer.


When equipped on a player, they create oxygen for a limited time, then disappear.

Power Cells

When equipped on a player, building or vehicle, they create power for a limited time, then disappear.


Batteries allow extra Power to be stored, which is useful when traveling great distances away from a power source or to supplement solar power at night.


An extra oxygen tank for your backpack


Dynamite is a small, consumable item that can be found on the bodies of former astronauts. When triggered, dynamite will clear a small area around it.