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Release Date Version notes
0.3.10189.0[1] 16th June 2017 UPDATES
  • Implemented raw logging for join errors in MP games
  • Implemented player-facing messages for join errors in MP games
  • Rover center of gravity has been lowered, improving handling
  • Thrusters are now 10x as fun as they were before
  • Sprint can now be toggled on the Xbox GamePad by pressing the left thumbstick


  • Fixed an issue where players became stuck inside the Habitat
0.3.10182.0[2] 26th May 2017


  • Steam now automatically uploads crash logs.
  • Backpack visual design has been updated and new animations applied.
  • Item names have been updated to better reflect their size. (e.g. Medium Rover, Large Rover, etc.).


  • Fixed input inconsistencies in the Control Menu.
  • When exiting a Shuttle docked at the Vehicle Bay, the Astroneer should no longer become stuck.
  • Fixed an issue where certain objects still appeared gray after a saved game was reloaded.
  • Fixed an issue with solar panels failing to charge after loading a previously saved game.
  • Fixed a minor art overlap with the Research module hologram and research chests.
  • Even more rocks now despawn after being dug up.
  • Decorators no longer spawn on deformed terrain.
  • Vehicles no longer automatically eject Astroneers.
  • Decorators now clean up appropriately when a module is built on top of them.
  • Fixed an intermittent issue where space station launch buttons would stop working.
  • Fixed an issue where Dropships would remain on a planet if a player's game crashes mid-travel.
  • Fixed an issue where deform tools would be left behind in saved games that were generated in Multiplayer.
  • Smelters no longer generate partial resources.
  • Fixed an issue with objects floating as a player moves away from them.
  • Gas Bag explosions audio now plays correctly in Multiplayer.
  • Fixed issues with the Drill Head that prevented terrain deformation.
  • Fixed an issue where Seats printed by the Vehicle Bay could not be removed from Rovers.
  • Fixed minor audio issue with the Backpack printer.
  • Items ejected from Backpacks can once again be picked up by players in Multiplayer.
  • Fixed Winch cable issues in Multiplayer.
  • Fixed crashing issues caused by broken landing zones in Multiplayer.
  • Fixed several issues where item input indicators were missing in Multiplayer.
  • Fix an issue where player color differentiation did not persist after loading a saved game.
  • Gas bags in caves now despawn after being destroyed.
0.3.10158.0[3] 5th May 2017


  • Hydrazine can explode!
  • Gas hazards now despawn after being uncovered from terrain.
  • Improved research curve. Chests of the same type can now be re-researched. (This resolves an issue where some players might never see certain unlocks)
  • Added Turkish language to the build.
  • Added Early Access/Pre-alpha + Build # to on-screen overlay.


  • Fixed an issue causing the occurrence of visible seams in terrain in MP or after save load.
  • Improve rover stability in MP so they no longer unrecoverably fly apart.
  • Most rocks now despawn after being dug up.
  • Fix gamepad camera behavior while in planet navigation.
  • Fix incorrect research unlock text.
  • Fix ejected resource nuggets being ungrabbable for non-host players.
  • Fix various audio cues playing incorrectly in MP.
  • Fix power cells not unlocking despite the player receiving an unlock message.
0.3.10154.0[4] Experimental 21st April 2017 This update mostly addresses the inability to Print objects or Vehicles after unsuccessfully being rewarded with their blueprints for Researching. There's 2 bug fixes included in this update as well.



  • Fix for player color/suits being wrong in MP after Save game is loaded.
  • Fix for DEADLY HEAT-SEEKING storm boxes
0.3.10153.0[4] Augment & Research Curve Update 21st April 2017 NEW FEATURES
  • Added tool augment system: Augment items can be attached to tools (starting with terrain tool) to upgrade or change behavior
  • Terrain tool can now be interacted with when backpack is open in order to slot in augments.
  • New unlock-able augment items!
  • Terrain analyzer: Collect terrain of a particular material/color until meter is full. Once meter is full, adding terrain will use the equipped color, and subtracting terrain will filter on the equipped color.
  • Wide mod: Increases the size of the terrain tool brush while decreasing intensity.
  • Narrow mod: Decreases the size of the terrain tool brush while increasing intensity.
  • Inhibitor: Shuts down functionality. Applied to terrain tool, turns off adding/subtracting terrain, but maintains color changes and harvesting.
  • Complete overhaul of equipment unlock progression. Specific equipment unlocks are now dependent on researching certain types of chests while retaining some randomization.
  • Steeper difficulty curve: Fewer types of equipment are available at the beginning of a new game, requiring more chests to be recovered and researched to acquire everything.
  • Research chests are less common overall.


  • Hydrazine no longer tradeable at trade module.
  • Backpack now opens to one side, if space is clear, to support tool interactions, and clear the view ahead.
  • Backpack gets illuminated when opened to aid visibility in dark areas.
  • Default terrain tool brush size and intensity adjusted.
  • Terrain tool now adds grey terrain when no augment mod equipped.
  • Terrain brush now indicates color
  • Added an interaction indicator between the Astroneer and held items. In multiplayer, the indicators of other players are now visible and receive the accent color of that player.
  • Dynamite explosion power and radius now increases when multiple dynamite sticks are packed together.
  • Mellowed out camera behavior when backpack or terrain tool is out.
  • Updated vehicle code to increase stability.
  • Added new VFX for deformations.


  • Performance: Several significant improvements to key physics systems to improve CPU perf.
  • Bug: Fixed crash on load of some saved games.
  • Bug: Fix many objects falling through the world when unattended.
  • Bug: Fixed foliage floating in air after dynamite explosion.
  • Bug: Fix tethers disappearing on quick-stow if top-left backpack bundle is full.
  • Bug: Fix tethers not being place-able while sprinting.
  • Bug: Fix Astroneer's head remaining cocked until cursor is moved to a forward position.
  • Bug: Fix auxiliary slot items not automatically equipping to backpack auxiliary slots when printed.
  • Bug: Fix item unlock messages not replicating to all clients in MP.
  • Bug: Fix various MP desync issues.
0.2.10131.0[5] 17th March 2017 CONTENT CHANGES


  • Can delete saves
  • Saves use fixed numbered slots
  • Most recent save selected by default
  • Disable starting new game when saves full


  • Reduced camera auto-adjustment so it interferes less when using gamepad
  • Updated attenuation settings on refinery audio. No longer playing as 2d.
  • Adjusted the Terrain cursor analog stick motion curve


  • Improved physics update efficiency.
  • Plant Materials updated to be less GPU intensive.
  • Major optimization to base networks and tethers.
  • Significantly reduce network bandwidth usage.
0.2.10125.0[6] 16th February 2017


  • Dynamite now craftable from backpack (takes one Aluminium)
  • New dynamite art, fx, audio
  • Dynamite can now be used to destroy base buildings and other objects
  • Added character idle animations
  • Added 9 new discoverable wrecks, including their collectible items within
  • Additional organic research (Artifacts) items added
  • Updated Dropship model art
  • Updated RCS thruster effects for Dropship
  • Updated model art for Trade platform
  • Updated model and FX art for Smelter
  • Added new refinery / smelter audio
  • Added sandboxing of saved games when running the Steam Experimental branch.
  • Improved game pad support on launch menu
  • Performance improvement: Added a system for fully despawning decorator sets as you move away from them.
  • Slight GPU performance improvement to terrain (use 16 bit indices)


  • Researching an item when you have already researched all recipes will no longer "use up" that item in regards to when future updates add new recipes.
  • It will now also give you a resource.
  • Fixed several issues with how decorator states were saved and restored.
  • Fixed race condition causing occasional anomalous terrain generation.
  • Seed fixes, including shift-click issue and seeds growing in backpack
  • Fix save game issue where conduits don't attach after saving a leaf and building platform
  • Fix save game issue where conduits nubs don't disappear after a save game and using dynamite on the leaf
  • Updated oxygen tank fill looping sound. Fixed Xbox bug that caused it to play at full volume.
0.2.10119.0[7] 21st January 2017
  • Cross-play multiplayer between Xbox One and Windows 10 Store PC versions now works!
  • Fix up the way that objects with research items get dug up. You can now kill hazards without uncovering their buried research item.
  • Make spikers destroy after a bit when you dig them up.
  • Spikers can be jumped on without hurting you, like that jellyfish scene from Finding Nemo.
  • Improve the distance at which objects have physics, allowing (for example) zebra balls to roll further from player
  • Fix the disappearance of vehicles and items, particularly when frame rates are low.
  • A couple surprises you'll have to discover[8].[9] 9th January 2017
  • Fix four major crashes including one that could prevent saves from loading, and one that could occur on MP join.
  • Fix issue where some unburied discoveries would not simulate physics after reloading a save.
  • Fix very bad performance when training together many rovers or trucks.
  • Fix trade module save behavior. All existing lost trade ships in save games should return to earth (possibly after doing the wrong trade, but all new saves will work properly)
  • Bring in physics freeze distance by a bit, reducing incidence of cases where objects fall through ground. (More improvements incoming).[10] 29th December 2016
  • Ensure that players joining a Steam MP session are friends with someone currently in session.
  • Fix for client Condenser exploit that would allow player to take unfilled fuel canister.
  • Fix for research item exploit where player could save game after getting item, and reload.
  • Fix for clients not seeing correct light and oxygen state on tethers.
  • Fix for clients being unable to hear anything in SFX category of sounds.
  • Don't allow player to enter vehicles while interacting/holding anything else.
  • Updated the bones discoveries so they have random orientation to terrain.
  • Updated the Disovery version of Geysers to not include snapping points.[11] 22nd December 2016
  • Fix invert Y for gamepad applying to cursor motion
  • Controls screen accessed from pause menu now correctly displays controller buttons when using controller.
  • Fix host's gamepad cursor becoming bugged when a client joins
  • Fix ability to pick yourself up while in a seat, and being unable to leave seat.
  • Fix bug where after loading a save, unplaced dropships would freak out.
  • Add ability to enter seat even when it's detached from a vehicle
  • Add ability to sit in a dropship while mounted on a vehicle
  • Fix exploit allowing player to trade for infinite resources by thieving the item like a pirate while launching
  • Fix bug that would not allow a full oxygen tank to save an Astroneer from suffocating
  • Double power requirement and production time of Condenser
  • Fix bug allowing player to make building platforms after a conduit hub has already been branched.
  • Fix algorithm that picks the height of new base platforms, so that flat terrain makes flat base

  • Fix issue where resources hover out of backpack on loading save [12]
  • Fix Popper hazards spawning new research items on save load [12]
  • Likely fix for client being unable to click launch buttons with mouse [12][13] 20th December 2016
  • Fixed deadlock causing freezes on many people's machines, especially those with dual core CPUs.
  • Fixed 10 different crash issues affecting save reloads, multiplayer joins, and general gameplay.
  • Decreased performance impact of distant objects.
  • Fixed certain performance problems that appear after loading a save.
  • Optimized tether networks to significantly improve framerate performance.
  • Tethers now go dark when disconnected from their sources.
  • Properly disabled VR plugins. 16th December 2016
  • Game goes to unplayable framerate upon going underground. Seems an issue with computing reverb on certain hardware. We've disabled reverb for now and will investigate later.
  • Fix for 100% crash for users with Intel Core2 Duo and Core2 Quad processors.
  • Fix for SteamVR launching alongside the game. We don't have VR support!
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