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Research Items are a collection of Medium objects. They come in a wide variety -- differing in shape, color, and locations where they can be found. They are used in a Research Chamber to unlock several new schematics.

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Research Item
Research green bumped sphere.jpg
Tier Medium
Group Basic

Artificial Research Items[edit | edit source]

All crashed pods resemble fabricated modules. They are white and/or blue with a darker finish on the lining of the container. This type of Research Item is commonly found near crashed parts of a satellite, but can also be rarely found anywhere on the ground. They can also be found deep underground. This type of research item provides the most amount of Byte but the longest amount of research time.

  • Rocky Research Items[edit | edit source]

    Most of these Research Items have a cuboid shape or have decorations of gems around a bumpy rock, and are commonly found on surfaces of a rocky patch. Barren provides most of this type of research items. This type of research item is all average in terms of Byte output and research time.

  • Organic Research Items[edit | edit source]

    Appear mostly ovoid or spherical, and most have plant-like protrusions on their surfaces which react to the wind like Flora. Found on or underneath most surface and underground Flora. Terran and Exotic provide most of these type of research item. This type of research item has low byte output, but fast research time.

  • Hostile Organic Research Items[edit | edit source]

    Unlike most organic items, these two can only be found under Hazardous Flora

  • Removed Research Items[edit | edit source]

    These are Research Items that are no longer collectible in the most recent version.

  • Trivia[edit | edit source]

    Research Items have had many different names, changing often between stages and patches throughout the development. This causes a lot of confusion to many players, which is further exacerbated when each developer refers to them with distinctly different names.

    List of alternate names for research item

    • Artifacts
    • Nuts
    • Rocks
    • Chests
    • Sliced Red Onions
    • Cacti
    • Drums
    • Discoveries
    • Researchable
    • Treasure Pods
    • Seeds
    • Fruits
    • Gems
    • Boxes
    • Bulbs
    • Research Cubes
    • Avocados
    • Yoda Dumplings
    • Lemon Pals
    • Research Chest
    • Unknown Research
    • Research
    • Unknowns
    • Grimbos
    • Danger balls
    • Rambutan (in the case of the hostile organic research items)
    • Research Rocks
    • Dragon Eggs
    • Learning Balls
    • Research Balls
    • Research Pods

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