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About Astroneer

Astroneer is an Early-Access Indie Space Themed Exploration & Survival-Crafting Games developed by System Era

Explore and exploit distant worlds in Astroneer – A game of aerospace industry and interplanetary exploration. Astroneer is set during a 25th century gold rush where players must explore the frontiers of outer space, risking their lives in harsh environments for the chance of striking it rich. On this adventure, a player’s most useful tool is their ability to shape their world, altering the terrain and extracting valuable Resources from planets, and moons. Resources can be traded or crafted into new Tools, Vehicles, and Modules to create everything from massive industrial bases to mobile Rover bases.
Latest Patch Notes
Patch 1.0.15.jpg

Version: 1.0.15

Release Date: April 11, 2019

Key Updates

  • Networking code changes for a smoother Multiplayer experience
  • Gateway Engines now have an oxygen zone, removing the need for oxygen producers
  • Packager scrap values adjusted to remove scrap profit
  • A number of balance and distribution changes to Hazards and Research Items
  • New code redeem option under the Customization menu for PAX and future codes
  • Astronium colored correctly now

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