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An attachment slot is a circular area to which items can be affixed, allowing them to be stored for later use, secured for transportation, or connected to a power network, among other uses.

Types[edit | edit source]

Tier Slots on a Starting Platform, a Large Platform A, and an Extra Large Platform A.
  • T1: Tier 1 slots are single sockets, which can only hold one small item,
  • T2: Tier 2 slots are paired single sockets surrounded with a red line which clearly associates them with one another. Each socket is, itself, a T1 slot. The pair can hold a single T2 item together, however.
  • T3: Tier 3 slots are a pair of T2 slots, which are themselves pairs of T1 slots. Modules like the Smelting Furnace and Research Chamber take up a whole T3 slot.
  • T4: Tier 4 slots are a pair of T3 slots paired together. Found on the surface of a Large Rover or the Extra Large Platforms. The only things that take up a T4 slot are the Extra Large Storage and the Extra Large Shredder.
  • Reaction Slots: These slots appear on a few modules, such as the Large Hoop Platform A, Large Hoop Platform B, Large Storage Ring and Extra Large Arch Platform. The act differently than normal slots. When a player or certain items pass through the rings or under the arch, it will trigger the slot to activate whichever item is on the slot, such as Fireworks or a Small Camera.
  • Holograms (All Tier), These attachment points have holographic displays that will interact when given its appropriate items. Examples of these are the slots for resources on Printers.
Backpack with 8 normal slots, 2 aux slots, and 3 slots on the Terrain Tool.

Uses[edit | edit source]

Slots for Hydrazine on a Hydrazine Thruster

The purpose of attachment slots is broad, but generally speaking, they can be used to:

  • Secure items you don't want to lose or that you need in a toolkit for travel and exploration. For example, you may want to carry resources like Compound in your backpack so you can make a chain of tethers to provide power and oxygen as you explore.
  • To improve platforms with much-needed features, like power sources or expanded storage. For example, you can attach a power source like the Small Wind Turbine to a Rover to provide it with power or add more storage to increase its carrying capability from 2 slots to 8.

Example Locations[edit | edit source]

Attachment slots can be found in:

  • Backpacks - 13 T1, plus 1 crafting slot for the backpack printer.
  • Shelters - 2 T1 slots, plus 1 T2 slot in the starting Shelter intended for an Oxygenator.
  • Medium Rover - One T3 slot on the surface which can hold a large machine such as a Smelting Furnace, and a T2 slot on the front and back.
  • Large Rover - One T4 slot on the surface, which could as well be two T3 slots, and two T3 slots on the front and back each.
  • Shuttles - The Small Shuttle has no general storage. There are two T2 slots on the Medium Shuttle, two T3 slots on the Large Shuttle. All shuttles have an separate T2 slot, to the right of the cockpit entrance, intended for an Oxygenator, but you can put anything there. They also have another T2 slot, but if you want to leave the planet, this has to be used for a thruster
  • Cranes - One T2 on the arm for equipping a Drill Head (but usable for other items), plus two T1 slots on the side where mined Resources are stacked (but also usable for other items).
  • Medium Storage - Eight T1 slots.
  • Large Storage - Four T2 slots.
  • Generators have T1 slots designed with the specific function of receiving various types of fuel.
  • While likely not intended for player use, world objects such as trees and Probes contain hidden functional attachment slots (where research Artifacts are usually found). Only 2-slot items can be attached to these.
  • A lot of debris and detritus can have attachment slots as well. However, they can’t be used to place items on.