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An attachment slot is a circular area to which items can be affixed, allowing them to be stored for later use, secured for transportation, or connected to a power network, among other uses.

Types[edit | edit source]

Tier Slots on a Starting Platform, a Large Platform A, and an Extra Large Platform A.
  • T1: Tier 1 slots are single sockets, which can only hold one small item,
  • T2: Tier 2 slots are paired single sockets surrounded with a red line which clearly associates them with one another. Each socket is, itself, a T1 slot. The pair can hold a single T2 item together, however.
  • T3: Tier 3 slots are a pair of T2 slots, which are themselves pairs of T1 slots. Modules like the Smelting Furnace and Research Chamber take up a whole T3 slot.
  • T4: Tier 4 slots are a pair of T3 slots paired together. Found on the surface of a Large Rover or Extra Large Platform A. The only thing that takes up a T4 slot is an Extra Large Storage.
  • Holograms (All Tier), These attachment points have holographic displays that will interact when given its appropriate items. Examples of these are the side slots on a Printer, or the printer slot on an astroneer's Backpack.
    Example Backpack showing the top 2 auxiliary slots occupied with a Worklight and an additional Oxygen Tank; the 8 main slots, the top 2 occupied with Tethers and an Inhibitor Mod, with 6 single-slots still available; and the bottom printer slot occupied with 1 Compound.

Uses[edit | edit source]

A Hydrazine port on a Large Shuttle.

The purpose of attachment slots is broad, but generally speaking, they can be used to:

  • Secure items you don't want to lose or that you need in a toolkit for travel and exploration. For example, you may want to carry resources like Compound in your backpack so you can make a chain of tethers to provide power and oxygen as you explore.
  • To improve platforms with much-needed features, like power sources or expanded storage. For example, you can attach a power source like the Small Wind Turbine to a Rover to provide it with power or add more storage to increase its carrying capability from 2 slots to 8.

Example Locations[edit | edit source]

Attachment slots can be found in:

  • Backpacks - 13 T1, plus 1 crafting slot for the backpack printer.
  • Shelters - 2 T1 slots, plus 1 T2 slot for Oxygenator.
  • Medium Rovers - One T3 slot on the surface which can hold a large machine such as a Smelting Furnace, and a T2 slot on the front and back.
  • Large Rovers - One T4 slot on the surface, which could as well be two T3 slots, and two T3 slots on the front and back each.
  • Shuttles - One T3 slot for the Medium Shuttle, one T4 slot for the Large Shuttle.
  • Cranes - One T2 on the arm for equipping a Drill Head (but usable for other items), plus two T1 slots on the side where mined Resources are stacked (but also usable for other items).
  • Medium Storage - Eight T1 slots.
  • Large Storage - Four T2 slots. Notably, this basically turns a T3 slot into twice as many T2 slots as it could've been without, doubling its storage capacity for <T3 items.
  • Generators have T1 slots designed with the specific function of receiving various types of fuel.
  • While likely not intended for player use, world objects such as trees and Probes contain hidden functional attachment slots (where research Artifacts are usually found). Only 2-slot items can be attached to these.
  • A lot of debris and detritus can have attachment slots as well. However, they can’t be used to place items on.