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Shows the Terrain Tool selected within the backpack, the 3 slots in use on the Tool, and the ability to craft an augment in the t1 crafting area
Augments are a category for module that alter the function of any module that it is attached to, one of the primary examples is the Terrain Tool.

The Terrain Tool can have up to 3 augmentations active at one time. This can be done by attaching augments to the Terrain Tool itself. On the tool there are 3 slots: 2 slots on the side and 1 on the top. as of version 0.3.10158.0 these slots can be active, meaning items like a Small Battery or Power/O2 nuggets can be attached and will drain as Power or O2 is used. small solar panels/wind vanes and generators will "Deploy" and provide power.

List of Augments[edit | edit source]

  • Inhibitor: Disables the primary function of an object. In the case of the Terrain Tool it prevents the tool from terraforming.
  • Narrow Mod: Reduces the terraforming radius.
  • Wide Mod: Increases the terraforming radius.
  • Terrain Analyzer: Stores terrain color, and can be used later to paint the terrain with the stored color once the augment's gauge has been filled. Can also be used to Deform/Terraform a set color W/O effecting other terrain colors. (Example, if using an Analyzer that is filled with "snow" on terrain that is Not "snow", the terrain will not be removed.)

Combinations of Augments[edit | edit source]

  • Inhibitor + Terrain Tool = Enables the collection of resources without changing the terrain shape
    • Narrow Mod = Reduced collection radius
    • Wide Mod = Expands collection radius
    • Terrain Analyzer = Painting Mode, enables coloring a terrain without terraforming/Deforming it's shape
      • + Narrow Mod= Precision Painting (small brush size)
      • + Wide Mod= Broad Painting (large brush size)