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The Backpack is an Astroneer's all-purpose storage and small item fabrication solution. It features 8 inventory slots, 2 small attachment points, a small printer, and storage for both oxygen for the Astroneer and power for their Terrain Tool.

The various features of the backpack can be accessed by "opening" it, making it larger and easier to interact with. To open the backpack, simply press Q on your keyboard or on your Xbox controller, or press Y to select it directly using the cursor.

Inventory Slots[edit | edit source]

The backpack has 8 slots dedicated to resource and small item storage. Items can be placed into, removed from, and rearranged within these slots manually, but as long as there is an inventory slot available, resource stacks collected with the deform tool or items created using the backpack's printer will be automatically placed there. If all inventory slots are full, newly created or collected items will drop to the ground nearby.

It should be noted that while the backpack's inventory slots resemble attachment points, they do not behave as such. Only a few select items truly "connect" to the backpack through the inventory, such as Tanks, Batteries, and Power Stacks.

Attachment Slots[edit | edit source]

The Research Catalog

There are 2 additional slots in the top corner of the backpack, which can be equipped with any Widgets. These are commonly used to host power sources such as the Solar Panel or Wind Vane, allowing an Astroneer to recharge their backpack's internal battery in the field. Like other attachment points, however, they can also be fitted with resource stacks or other small items for additional storage.

Research Catalog[edit | edit source]

Pressing TAB.png TAB will open the research catalog, where player can purchase Schematics using accumulated Bytes. The catalog is separated into 4 different size categories, corresponding to the four sizes of objects created by the corresponding printers. The catalog includes a pad with buttons that can be used to navigate around it, which also hints which controller buttons are used to navigate around the catalog.

You can use your movement keys to move around a category, and the Context Left/Right keys to change categories. Alternatively, you can click the buttons and schematics on the catalog itself.

Backpack Printer[edit | edit source]

Using the small printer on the Backpack, simple items can be crafted on the go at the cost of Power. As you cycle through the various printable items, the appropriate resource will automatically move down to the printer's input slot if it is already in your backpack. This input slot can be used to deliberately store a specific extra resource, if so desired, but be forewarned that changing the item to be printed will eject the contents of the input slot from the backpack if the rest of its inventory slots are already full. It costs the player 2.5 Units of Power to print an object.

Larger objects can be printed using the Small Printer, Medium Printer, and Large Printer.

Printable Items[edit | edit source]

Unlocked by Default[edit | edit source]

Item Resource Cost Description
Tethers Icon Compound.png Compound Connects an Astroneer to the oxygen and power supplies of a base module or vehicle.
Canister Icon Resin.png Resin Used to store Soil.
Oxygen Filters Icon Resin.png Resin Provides an Astronner with additional Oxygen.
Small Generator Icon Compound.png Compound Converts Organic fuel to power.
Small Printer Icon Compound.png Compound Fabricator capable of printing medium platforms and modules.
Worklight Icon Copper.png Copper Creates light when on an attachment slot and if the player has power.

Unlocked via Research[edit | edit source]

Item Resource Cost Description
Beacon Icon Quartz.png Quartz Used to mark a point of interest on a planet by displaying an icon which can be seen from considerable distances.
Packager Icon Graphite.png Graphite Repackage almost any item in the game, from Modules to Research Items.
Small Solar Icon Copper.png Copper Converts solar energy to power.
Small Battery Icon Lithium.png Lithium Stores 32 Units of power.
Dynamite Icon Explosive Powder.png Explosive Powder Used to remove structures, vehicles, and quickly excavate Terrain.
Fireworks Icon Explosive Powder.png Explosive Powder Celebrate your achievements with a bang!
Power Cells Icon Zinc.png Zinc Provides 48 Units of power.
Small Oxygen Tank Icon Glass.png Glass Extends backpack oxygen supply.
Portable Oxygenator Icon NanoCarbon Alloy.png NanoCarbon Alloy Provides a constant stream of oxygen at the cost of power.
Small Wind Turbine Icon Glass.png Glass Converts wind energy to power.
Augments Icon Zinc.png Zinc Changes the capabilities of the Terrain Tool.
Drill Mod 1 Icon Ceramic.png Ceramic Allows easier digging through hard soil.
Drill Mod 2 Icon Tungsten Carbide.png Tungsten Carbide Allows easier digging through harder soil than mod 1.
Drill Mod 3 Icon Diamond.png Diamond Allows easier digging through the hardest soil.
Extenders Icon Copper.png Copper Extends the range of power cables.

Oxygen and Power Storage[edit | edit source]

  • Prominently displayed on the backpack are two gauges: the horizontal oxygen gauge in light blue, and the vertical power gauge in bright yellow.
  • Enough oxygen is stored for 72.5 seconds of untethered field work. Running consumes a little more oxygen, making the tank empty in 50 seconds instead.
  • You get a notification when the tank is 50% and then 25% full. When you run out of oxygen, you are suffocating. Within 5 seconds of starting to suffocate, you cannot run anymore and then you have 10 more seconds to reach a source of oxygen before dying.
  • Power is only drained when using an Augment on the Terrain Tool, or when using the printer.
  • A small battery stores enough power to use a single augmented deform tool continuously for about 64 seconds, depending on whether power-generating widgets are being used.
  • As an internal battery, the backpack will not transfer its charge to other batteries.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Technically the backpack has a total of 14 available slots (8 backpack inventory slots, 2 attachment slots, 1 printer inventory slot, and 3 more slots on the terrain tool as of the latest update)
  • A broken version of the Research Catalog can rarely be found, and was added to tease the working counterpart's addition in a later update.
  • A total of 125,550 bytes are need to research every Schematic in the game.

Media[edit | edit source]