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In Astroneer, Infrastructure, more commonly known as Bases, are expanded and created from four different materials to make different modules in the base with different purposes.

Habitat[edit | edit source]

A Habitat

When first starting the game a player lands in a Habitat which forms the start of their first base. Once the designs are researched more Habitats can be crafted in a Printer Module.

Alternatively the Shuttle and Spaceship Vehicles can create new bases via their umbilical port similar to that found on a locked down Habitat. If a base is extended, it can later be observed from space at the landing site originally used to create it, allowing you to revisit areas.

Extensions[edit | edit source]

Unupgraded Extensions

Using the port at the base of a Habitat or spacecraft, Extensions can be added in any direction based on where the player is standing facing the port. Adding an extension costs 1 Resin to construct it which can be either manually placed or automatically taken from your Backpack if you are carrying any by clicking on the hologram. A maximum of 4 extensions can be made from the base of a Habitat.

As the extension is constructed, Black indestructible rock will be formed under it to construct the extension at the height the hologram was at when the Resin was provided. If you wish for the extension to be higher, lower or even with the Habitat, adjust the ground underneath the hologram to make the Extension's Umbilical points in the direction desired.

Habitats and Extensions can have at most six other Extensions or Platforms connected to it.

Once Extensions have been added to a base they can either be used as mount points for parts to add power generation, power storage or a place to anchor Equipment and Materials or they can be upgraded to Platforms for the cost of two Resin.

Platforms[edit | edit source]

An Extension that has been upgraded to a Platform provides a large anchor point on each end of the table shaped Platform and the ability to install one of several Base Modules to perform various tasks for the cost of two units of a specified material.

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