Medium Battery

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Medium Battery
Tier Medium
Group Storage, Power
Type Module
Recipe 2x Lithium
Crafted at Printer
Research 6,000 Bytes

The Medium Battery is one of the types of Batteries in Astroneer which stores power up to a capacity of 16 columns, or 64 bars.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Like the Small Battery, Medium Batteries accumulate power when production of energy exceeds demand for energy. The Medium Battery will give away its stored energy whenever the network doesn't produce enough energy.

Additional information[edit | edit source]

  • A battery can charge and discharge power at 3 Amps, as much as three small batteries at once.
  • Lacking visible horizontal lines to mark individual 'bars' like a Small Battery would, each of the vertical 16 columns is effectively four bars.
  • A Medium Battery's charge and discharge rates are both exactly 3A, 50% more than the same lithium used to construct Small Batteries would have made at 1A each.
  • Accounting for size efficiency, it could ostensibly be useful in some situations to fill a Medium Storage with Small Batteries if throughput is more important than absolute storage capacity, since 8 lithium can make 256 bars of storage at 12A using four T2 slots, or 64 bars of storage at 8A using 8 T1 slots.
  • Both of these arrangements could power four Research Chambers at once without slowing down, three Smelters, accept charge from eight Small Generators or four Medium Solars at once. However, eight Small Batteries could power smelting 4 items into their refined metallic counterparts, while four Medium Batteries could power smelting 17 items.
  • Medium Batteries can be found deep in caves at the end of tunnels rarely.
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