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Bytes are a virtual currency added in the Research Update. Bytes are used to purchase/unlock new schematics. Bytes are gained by researching various objects in the Research Chamber ranging from Research Items (high output but rare) to Resources (cheap but low output), or by collecting Research Samples from various plants, rocks or Astroneer bodies. Bytes are shared between all players in a multiplayer game, along with any schematic unlocks.

Byte Outputs[edit | edit source]

Research Sample[edit | edit source]

Research Samples spawn on various plants and rocks around the planets, as well inside of the EXO Dynamics Research Aids scattered on the planets. Organic and mineral samples respawn within a few minutes of being gathered. They can be a valuable source of bytes, with the amount gained increasing based on which planet and how deep the player goes. However, the game is able to glitch and organic/mineral samples may completely disappear from all planets .

Research Item[edit | edit source]

Research Items grant a slow, steady stream of bytes when placed in a Research Chamber. The amount gained per item increases based on the depth and which planet the item was found on.

Resources[edit | edit source]

Resources not listed here can't be researched.

Resource Byte Value Time Average B/m
Icon Compound.png Compound 50 2:30 20
Icon Resin.png Resin 50 2:30 20
Icon Organic.png Organic 50 2:30 20
Icon Ammonium.png Ammonium 100 4:10 24
Icon Clay.png Clay 100 4:10 24
Icon Quartz.png Quartz 100 4:10 24
Icon Graphite.png Graphite 100 4:10 24
Icon Laterite.png Laterite 100 4:10 24
Icon Malachite.png Malachite 201 7:10 28
Icon Sphalerite.png Sphalerite 201 7:10 28
Icon Wolframite.png Wolframite 201 7:10 28
Icon Hematite.png Hematite 300 10:00 30
Icon Titanite.png Titanite 300 10:00 30
Icon Lithium.png Lithium 300 10:00 30
Icon Astronium.png Astronium 1000 25:00 40
Icon Carbon.png Carbon 75 3:45 20
Icon Ceramic.png Ceramic 150 6:15 24
Icon Glass.png Glass 150 6:15 24
Icon Aluminum.png Aluminum 150 6:15 24
Icon Copper.png Copper 275 9:50 28
Icon Zinc.png Zinc 275 9:50 28
Icon Tungsten.png Tungsten 275 9:50 28
Icon Iron.png Iron 425 14:09 30
Icon Titanium.png Titanium 425 14:09 30
Icon Scrap.png Scrap 275 9:50 28
Icon Soil.png Soil 100 10:00 20

Soil Centrifuge[edit | edit source]

While it used to be the most effective way to gain bytes, the soil centrifuge provides only a small boost to the number of bytes one produced, as the number of units per tank has been drastically nerfed, and titanite no longer being available.

Name Bytes Resource Per Centrifuge Tank Bytes Per Canister
Icon Compound.png Compound 50 8 200
Icon Resin.png Resin 50 8 200
Icon Organic.png Organic 50 8 200
Icon Clay.png Clay 100 6 300
Icon Quartz.png Quartz 100 4 200
Icon Graphite.png Graphite 100 2 100
Icon Ammonium.png Ammonium 100 1 50

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Small items can be researched until they have 1 byte left and then consumed/used as usual.
  • Medium Resource Canister and Large Resource Canister don't store the value of research bytes left for each item. Thus, by utilizing Automation items, players can create an infinite bytes production flow as follows:
  1. Switch resource canister to dispensing mode and place dispenced item for researching.
  2. Detect if item has a negligible amount of bytes left to research. While there is no direct way to do that, a timing mechanism can be constructed which is tied to day/night cycles of specific planets and/or to batteries charge level.
  3. Switch resource canister to holding mode and store an item.
  4. Repeat.