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Empty Canister.jpg
Tier Small
Group Tool
Type Storage
Recipe 1x Resin
Crafted at Backpack
Research 40 Bytes

The Canister is a special tool that is used to store liquid resources. It is in many ways similar to a Tank, which stores gaseous resources. It is reusable, but can only hold one type of resource at a time. The canister has an indicator on its top face, which previews how much material is inside. When empty, the surface is black. When partially full, the surface has a colored indicator showing the percentage of material inside, and the light on top changes to a bright orange. When full, the light changes to green and the indicator becomes a full circle.

Players and Vehicles equipped with an empty canister will be able to collect Soil from mined dirt, which is then deposited into the canister.

Usage[edit | edit source]

  • Liquid Storage: Hydrazine and Soil, and presumably any future liquid resources (perhaps liquid Oxygen?)
  • Refinery Component: Resources that become a liquid when refined will require a canister to contain them, and the Hydrazine Catalyzer and the Mineral Extractor have special attachment slots for filling and emptying Hydrazine and Soil canisters respectively.

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