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Characters or sometimes referred as suits, is the avatar that is used by player as they explore and play through the game. At the start of each game (or save, as it's referred to) the player can choose from the four currently available characters (shown below) on the EXO Dynamics space station. Once chosen, the character will blast down in their respective dropship. Each suit is vastly different in appearance, but no special abilities are present in different suits, making the suits an entirely cosmetic option. However, it has been confirmed by Astroneer producer Veronica that they plan to add special abilities to each suit that can make suit-choosing a much more skill-based task, with each suit helping out the player more in different situations or on different planets. Several new suits and character customization are planned to be added to the much anticipated 1.0 Update of February 2019.

Currently Playable[edit | edit source]

From left to right: Bubbles, Skinny, Pajama, Biosuit

Bubbles[edit | edit source]

The most notable character in the game, referred to as "the big one" or "chubby astroneer". Bubbles has a unique walking animation that noticeably differed from other characters.

Skinny Person[edit | edit source]

Skinny is the first character to be implemented in the game, and its appearance has changed throughout the developments.

Pajama[edit | edit source]

The only character to wear an orange colored suit, Pajama (also referred to as Pajamas) is modeled after famous USSR Cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin.

On the Astroneer Discord server, Pajamas is the main bot and will respond to several commands - for example, typing "Pajamas is my friend" will lead to Pajamas deciding if you are a friend or (as it says) a nerd.

Biosuit[edit | edit source]

Referred by Adam as Biosuit. One of the defining features of this suit is the headlamps, which give it an animal-like appearance.

Retro[edit | edit source]

A gift for players that purchased Astroneer during the Early Access phase, before the release of 1.0.

Planned Characters & Customization[edit | edit source]

Possible color palettes for character customization in 1.0, shown on the Terran Suit.