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Characters or sometimes referred as suits, is the avatar that is used by player as they explore and play through the game. At the start of each game (or save, as it's referred to) the player can choose from the four currently available characters (shown below) on the EXO Dynamics space station. Once chosen, the character will blast down in their respective dropship. Each suit is vastly different in appearance, but no special abilities are present in different suits, making the suits an entirely cosmetic option. However, it has been confirmed by Astroneer producer Veronica that they plan to add special abilities to each suit that can make suit-choosing a much more skill-based task, with each suit helping out the player more in different situations or on different planets. Several new suits and character customization are planned to be added to the much anticipated 1.0 Update of December 2018.

Currently Playable[edit | edit source]

From left to right: Bubble, Skinny, Pajama, Biosuit

Bubbles[edit | edit source]

The most notable character in the game, referred to as "the big one" or "chubby astroneer". Bubbles has a unique walking animation that noticeably differed from other characters.

Skinny Person[edit | edit source]

Skinny is the first character to be implemented in the game, and its appearance has changed throughout the developments.

Pajama[edit | edit source]

The only character to wear an orange colored suit, Pajama (also referred to as Pajamas) is modeled after famous USSR Cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin.

On the Astroneer Discord server, Pajamas is the main bot and will respond to several commands - for example, typing "Pajamas is my friend" will lead to Pajamas deciding if you are a friend or (as it says) a nerd.

Biosuit[edit | edit source]

Referred by Adam as Biosuit. One of the defining features of this suit is the headlamps, which give it an animal-like appearance.

Planned Characters[edit | edit source]

Concept Characters.png

TV-Head[edit | edit source]

TV-Head's first orginal model, showcasing interesting colours and large boots.

TV-Head's animations and modelling is currently finished, and will be the first suit-concept character to be implemented into the game (most likely near the 1.0 launch). Joe has shown noticeable distaste for the nickname "TV-Head" and has used other nicknames such as CRT (Cathode Ray Tube, which is the type of television that TV-Head is most likely depicted as). It is unknown if one of the new suits seen in the 1.0 Trailer is in fact TV-Head or a new suit entirely, as the design has been updated.

Hazmat[edit | edit source]

Hazmat's model, showcasing a large yellowish visor and no neck.

Being the second concept character to be revealed during a developer vlog (SES Vlog 24), Hazmat closely resembles a hazardous materials suit used in situations where high levels of radiation, acid, or dangerous chemicals are present (hence the name Hazmat). This could possibly hint at each suit having traits to have an advantage on some planets rather than others, such as Hazmat being much more capable of taking on planets with dangerous environments than the other suits. Hazmat can be seen in the 1.0 trailer, carrying a Terrain Tool.

1.0 Characters & Customization[edit | edit source]

Possible colour palettes for character customization in 1.0. The character shown here with different colour schemes closely resembles TV-Head, but without the antennae - making it resemble the classic CRT televisions even more. However, in the bottom-right, the suit is named the "Terran Suit" - meaning that it could be a different suit entirely or a new name for TV-Head.

New Suit #1 - TV-Head or Terran Suit (or both)?[edit | edit source]

New Suit #1 as shown in the 1.0 Trailer.

This suit bears a resemblance to the original design for TV-Head (due to the noticeable boots, gloves, and shaped visor), or could be another suit entirely. As seen above, the middle suit closely resembles the suit in the 1.0 Trailer, as well as TV-Head. This could mean that it is actually another suit (nicknamed the Terran Suit) - or that TV-Head has been renamed.

If the suit is indeed TV-Head, it's original colour palette, which showcases a purple visor, yellow straps, and a grey colouration could still be used, as character customization is confirmed (with the ability to alter the colour scheme of your Astroneer).

New Suit #2 - Hazmat[edit | edit source]

New Suit #2 in the 1.0 Trailer.

This suit is almost certainly Hazmat, as shown earlier. The visor is slightly altered, looking smaller than the original design (although, this could be the fact that it's shown in side view). Two oval-shaped headlights to the bottom-sides of the visor are noticeable. The colouration is also slightly different, with patches instead of one large coloured area over the head. The coloured rim around the visor is still present.

The character is carrying a terrain tool as it jogs along, blocking out any features on it's legs. However, if one stops at the right frames, a detailed look at it's boots can be seen. The appear to have not changed from the oringal design at all, showcasing a single colour rimmed with black at the bottom.

New Suit #3[edit | edit source]

New Suit #3 walking around in the 1.0 Trailer.

This new suit appears to be entirely new to the world of Astroneer. It's most prominent features are it's orange visor and highly detailed boots, with a yellow tube for breathing near the mouth. It also features detailed black-and-white gloves. This suit has very little colouration, with only a few thin stripes along the waist, wrists, and boot tops. It's backpack also appears to have the same stripe located near the waist area. It could be a very far-off relative of the 5th suit in the planned characters concept art shown above (the black and orange one).

Personally, I think New Suit #3's helmet reminds me of either a Stormtrooper helmet from Star Wars or a pair of welder's goggles attached to a bucket. I've nicknamed it Visor, but you can call it what you like. So far, the actual name is unknown.

New Suit #4[edit | edit source]

New Suit #4 chilling in the 1.0 trailer.

This suit is hard to spot if you're not looking for it. It appears to be entirely black with a visor similar to that of a motorcycle helmet, and shows an interesting reflection effect on the black surface, with coloured markings across the black area (as well as coloured shoulder pads). The helmet is smooth and has a single coloured stripe running down the middle, matching the thick coloured stripe near the bottom of the suit's backpack. It also features jet-black boots and what looks to be white gloves. The character is in the background of the trailer by what's most likely to be data lockers, first seen in the Astroneer Tutorial in the red cave, where the player must open a data locker to access the schematic for the 1-Seat.

To me, this suit looks almost feminine in nature, being less bulky than the other suits and with thin arms. It's by far my favourite suit, and after talking to several others in the community, appears to be much liked. I've nicknamed it the Motorcycle Suit, but (so far) the actual name has not been revealed.

unavailable suits[edit | edit source]

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