Chemistry Lab

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Chemistry Lab Chemistry Lab
Chemistry Lab.jpg
Tier Large
Group Module
Type Crafting
Crafted at Icon Tier Large.png Medium Printer
Recipe 1x Icon Ceramic.png Ceramic
1x Icon Tungsten.png Tungsten
1x Icon Glass.png Glass
Unlock Cost 1,600 Bytes

The Chemistry Lab is a Crafting Module used to combine resources into Composite Resources.

Source[edit | edit source]

Output Input Module
Icon Chemistry Lab.png Chemistry Lab Icon Tungsten.png Tungsten
Icon Glass.png Glass
Icon Ceramic.png Ceramic
Icon Tier Large.png Medium Printer

Uses[edit | edit source]

The following Resources can be created at the Chemistry Lab:

Output Input
Icon Rubber.png Rubber Icon Organic.png Organic
Icon Resin.png Resin
Icon Plastic.png Plastic Icon Compound.png Compound
Icon Carbon.png Carbon
Icon Aluminum Alloy.png Aluminum Alloy Icon Aluminum.png Aluminum
Icon Copper.png Copper
Icon Tungsten Carbide.png Tungsten Carbide Icon Carbon.png Carbon
Icon Tungsten.png Tungsten
Icon Graphene.png Graphene Icon Graphite.png Graphite
Icon Hydrazine.png Hydrazine
Icon Diamond.png Diamond Icon Graphene.png Graphene x2
Icon Hydrazine.png Hydrazine Icon Ammonium.png Ammonium x2
Icon Hydrogen.png Hydrogen
Icon Silicone.png Silicone Icon Resin.png Resin
Icon Quartz.png Quartz
Icon Methane.png Methane
Icon Explosive Powder.png Explosive Powder Icon Carbon.png Carbon x2
Icon Sulfur.png Sulfur
Icon Steel.png Steel Icon Carbon.png Carbon
Icon Iron.png Iron
Icon Argon.png Argon
Icon Titanium Alloy.png Titanium Alloy Icon Titanium.png Titanium
Icon Graphene.png Graphene
Icon Nitrogen.png Nitrogen
Icon Nanocarbon Alloy.png Nanocarbon Alloy Icon Steel.png Steel
Icon Titanium Alloy.png Titanium Alloy
Icon Helium.png Helium
  • Power Consumption Rate: 3 U/s

Media[edit | edit source]