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Compass is the tool indicating the four cardinal directions in game, which can be visualized by hovering cursor over the Astroneer character.

Activating[edit | edit source]

Compass is an interface tool without relying on any in-game object.

  • When controlled with keyboard + mouse, move the mouse cursor onto the character.
  • When controlled with Xbox Controller, hold down Xbox One - Left Trigger to enable Cursor Mode, and target the character with the cursor.
  • When controlled with PlayStation Controller, hold down PS4 - L2 to enable Cursor mode, and target the character with the cursor

Uses[edit | edit source]

Compass is a valuable tool in a game that provides no maps, Astroneers are advised to never leave home without it. That means taking a note of the direction you're heading when leaving the safety of your base, checking your bearings often as you travel, keeping to a fixed cardinal direction while traversing long distances, etc. It is also good to know which direction is east and west so you can angle your solar panels to face the rotation of the sun.