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Tier Large
Group Vehicle Mod
Type Module
Recipe 4x Copper
Crafted at Vehicle bay
Research Yes

The Crane is a Tier-3 module that can be placed on a Vehicle. When paired with a Drill Head it can be used to mine resources at a faster rate and even dig through hard sediment. The Crane also has 4 attachment points: 2 on the head for the Drill Head (other things can be attached) and 2 on the side which are not usable as they are intended as storage for the resources mined by the Drill Head.

Usage[edit | edit source]

In order to control the Crane you must sit in its own seat (not the vehicle one) located at the base of the Crane. The Crane is operated by cursor and always points toward the terrain for easier mining.

  • Resource collected by the Crane will transfer to any empty storage slots, therefore it is highly mutual for a vehicle to be used alongside a storage module.
  • Unlike the Terrain Tool, any unfinished stacks will remain that way and if a different material is mined, the unfinished stack will pop off. Due to the fact that you cant pick up unfinished stacks, it might become a problem.

Gallery[edit | edit source]