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The Terrain Tool, sometimes called the "Terraformer" or "Deform Tool", is a large, two-handed terraformation and resource-collection tool that is standard-issue among all Astroneers. Wielding the Tool will prevent an Astroneer from picking up objects directly, but it can be quickly and conveniently stowed on the backpack at any time.

The Deform Tool consumes 1.25 units of power for every second of use, making for 8 seconds of continuous topographical artistry when using the internal backpack battery.

Terraforming[edit | edit source]

An Astroneer using the Deform Tool in Lower mode.

Through the magic of science, the Deform Tool is able to shape the terrain. Astroneers can use its lower, raise, and smooth modes to shape the terrain on whatever celestial body they happen to find themselves, all at the pull of a trigger.

Lower Mode[edit | edit source]

The Deform Tool's "Lower" mode can be used to create holes. Create a ditch, dig a tunnel—the possibilities are as limitless as the black hole you surely won't accidentally create.

Raise Mode[edit | edit source]

By engaging "Raise" mode ("Alt" key by default), the Deform Tool can spew matter onto a solid surface to raise the terrain. Aim downward to generate a spire and reach untold heights or aim towards a wall or out-of-reach ledge to create on-demand ramps, bridges, and walkways.

Level Mode[edit | edit source]

"Level" mode ("Ctrl" key by default) is designed for expert and novice alike, allowing for the graceful smoothing of terrain to your exact specifications*. The Deform Tool will take a sample of the target terrain's grade, specifically of the triangle the middle dot points at, when activated, replicating that grade over the desired area. This method is an excellent way to generate smooth ramps for large vehicles or quickly cover dangerous holes and chasms.

Resource Collection[edit | edit source]

Any resource nodes that are broken free of the terrain using the Deform Tool's Lower and Level modes will be shattered into small pieces and sucked up by the Tool like a vacuum. These pieces will collect on the exhaust port of the Tool until there are enough to form a full resource stack, at which point said stack will be deposited to the user's backpack inventory. If there are no inventory slots available, the stack will drop to the ground behind the Tool.

If a different resource type is collected, the current half-finished stack will be preserved (but invisible); it will be restored the next time you gather the same resource type again.

Augments[edit | edit source]

Comparison of Tool effect area sizes

The terrain tool comest with 3 empty slot that can be attached with augments that can alter the functionality of the terrain too

  • Inhibitor: Allow the collection of organic and coloring without messing the shapes of the terrain
  • Broad Mod: Increase the terraforming radius
  • Narrow Mod: Reduce the terraforming radius
  • Terrain Analyzer: Stores the color of the dug out terrain, and be reused later to paint the terrain with the stored color

Other Function[edit | edit source]

  • Active-Use Elevator
  • Additional Storage Slot (the terrain tool's augmentation slot can be used to store any Tier-1 objects)
  • Painting (with the combination of the inhibitor and the terrain analyzer, and the brush tools)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Terrain tool can be destroyed permanently with the Dynamite. This will create a half-stack that cannot be picked up, and an extra space on the Backpack.
  • Adam, referred the terrain tool model to be based on leaf blower.