Drill Head

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Drill Head
Tier Medium
Group Vehicle Modification
Type Tools
Recipe 1x Ceramic

1x Tungsten Carbide

Crafted at Printer
Research 1,500 Bytes

The Drill Head is an attachment for the Crane. Once attached it can be used to mine Lithium, Titanium and Astronium deposits as well as excavating Terrain at a faster rate than the Terrain Tool. The Drill Head requires no power to operate.

Drill heads are visually similar to the Terrain Tool, and as of the Excavation Update now have exhaust tubes and a virtual inventory of their own to prevent unfinished stacks from overflowing. As of the rover update, the drill can no longer be operated when attached to a rover; making the crane a requirement to use the drill.

With the use of Augments, the terrain tool can dig terrain faster and in larger amounts than the drill. However this causes the terrain tool to use power.

The Drill Head is best used when trying to accumulate Soil in large amounts, this does not require the player to swap out the Canisters on their backpack.

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