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Dynamite Dynamite
Icon dynamite.png
Tier Small
Group Basic
Type Deployable
Crafted at Icon Backpack.png Backpack
Recipe 1x Icon Explosive Powder.png Explosive Powder
Unlock Cost 3,750 Bytes

Dynamite can be found deep within planets lying on the ground, or more often on the backpacks of dead explorers. In rare circumstances, it can also be found on the surface of Exotic Planets. It can also be researched and crafted at the Backpack's Printer using 1x Icon Explosive Powder.png Explosive Powder.

Source[edit | edit source]

Output Input Module
Icon Dynamite.png Dynamite Icon Explosive Powder.png Explosive Powder Icon Backpack.png Backpack

Use[edit | edit source]

When placed, the Dynamite will do nothing, but hovering the cursor over it will cause a prompt to pop up. Following the prompt by holding "F" (or holding alt and left clicking) will play a sound and the piece of dynamite will explode soon after. The explosion can be fatal to players, including those on a multiplayer server.

  • Destroys any modules, platforms, trees, and other game objects the dynamite attaches to, with the exception of the Shelter and the drop site.
  • Only one object can be destroyed with one piece of dynamite.
  • Terrain and Resources in a small sphere around the explosion site will be cleared instantly. It does not drop the Resources mined and is therefore not useful for clearing deposits of the rarer materials such as Lithium or Titanium.
  • It is not possible to scrap dynamite, as it will explode if attempted.
  • Shredding or smelting Dynamite will cause an explosion.
  • Dynamite, hydrogen, methane, and hydrazine can chain explosions to one another. These explosions get larger and larger as more explosives are added, reaching absolutely absurd sizes!
    • Certain plants can also cause explosions, but not chain.

Media[edit | edit source]