EXO Dynamics Research Aid

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EXO Dynamics Research Aid EXO Dynamics Research Aid
EXO Dynamics Research Aid.jpg
Tier Large
Group Research
Type Item

The EXO Dynamics Research Aid is a container, found in caves or on the planet's surface, that opens after a certain criteria is met. The icon shown on the sides of the container tells the player what is needed to open it.

Criteria[edit | edit source]

The criteria to open a Research Aid is shown as an icon on the sides of the container. Research Aids marked with power symbols need a specific number of Units for power bars to be filled, either sustained for a few seconds to fill the power bars or a total amount of power needed at once. Research Aids marked with resource symbols require the proper resource be placed in the slot. This resource can be any raw, refined, composite or a full atmospheric resource. The resource required per planet varies by layer, with harder to obtain resources being required deeper down the planet.

The reward for opening a container is either a Research Item or a Research Sample, worth a large chunk of bytes.