Fuel Condenser

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Fuel Condenser
Tier Large
Group Production
Type Module
Recipe 2x Copper
Crafted at Large Platform
Research 3,500 Bytes

The Fuel Condenser is one of the Modules in Astroneer. It condenses the Atmosphere around it into Hydrazine, at the cost of 16 columns of Power per cycle. The condenser cycle will keep repeating until the Canister becomes full of hydrazine, and the player can provide as many empty canisters as they want, because the condenser will automatically replace its canister to continue its process. An alternate method of gaining Hydrazine, albeit much more active, is to refine Ammonium via the Hydrazine Refinery, which is faster, less power consuming, and more tiring, than using the fuel condenser.

  • It takes a total of 4 cycles or 64 bars of power to fill up a canister of Hydrazine

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Most of the exploits regarding hydrazine trade are no longer possible, due to them being prohibited in update 153
  • The fuel condenser shares a lot of similarities with the Mineral Extractor, because of similarities in the way they work, filtering external factors into a resource.

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