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The Gateway Portal, also known as the Unidentified Satellite, is the location of the ending to the adventure across the solar system. It is hovering above the sun, and can only be accessed after activating a Gateway Engine. In order to activate the Gateway Fast Travel Network on the satellite, the player must first travel there by shuttle and interact with the Odd Stone on the outer platform. This allows travel between the satellite and any active Gateway Engine.

Activation[edit | edit source]

Once all Gateway Engines have been activated across all seven planets, the player must bring a Geometric Triptych from each planet. Placing all seven Triptych in the matching slots will activate the portal, allowing the player to interact with the Odd Stone in the center of the platform. Doing so will trigger the ending cutscene and credits.

The slots, in order from closest to the center to furthest is as follows:

Symbol Planet
Icon Sylva Gateway.png Icon Sylva.png Sylva
Icon Desolo Gateway.png Icon Desolo.png Desolo
Icon Vesania Gateway.png Icon Vesania.png Vesania
Icon Novus Gateway.png Icon Novus.png Novus
Icon Calidor Gateway.png Icon Calidor.png Calidor
Icon Glacio Gateway.png Icon Glacio.png Glacio
Icon Atrox Gateway.png Icon Atrox.png Atrox

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Players don't consume any Oxygen when on the Gateway Portal platform.

Media[edit | edit source]