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Tier Medium
Group Module
Type Power
Recipe 2x Copper
Crafted at Printer
Research No

Geothermal is a medium module, and an Unimplemented module. It was originally intended to provide a passive stream of power via underground geothermal vents. It has been since hidden from the game, but it can still be brought back to the game via cheat engine.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It was removed from the game due to the fact that geothermal vents were buggy and the generator didn't work properly.
  • Placing something in a geothermal vent will make it larger, It is possibble that the Geothermal generator wasn't supposed to be bigger when placed on it.
  • The generator apears to have flaps on it, when placed on a vent they would flip down.
  • In the Pax east demo, a generator could be seen connected to the ship platform powering the machines with a wire that is similar to the tube on your deform tool, but transfers energy.