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Glowsticks Glowsticks
Tier Small
Group Module
Type Deployable
Recipe Icon Organic.png Organic
Byte Cost 350 Bytes

Glowsticks are an illumination item in Astroneer that can be crafted via the Backpack. They offer a dim illumination and last only a short time before disappearing, but are very cheap to make with only a single Icon Organic.png Organic.

Source[edit | edit source]

Output Input Module
Icon Worklight.png Glowsticks Icon Organic.png Organic Icon Backpack.png Backpack

Uses[edit | edit source]

Glowsticks are used for quick and easy sources of light early on in the game. They may be placed either from the widget slot in the Backpack with use of context keys, or by placing the bundle on the ground and pressing F or Xbox One - Y Button to drop one and then move and drag.

Glowsticks last for 15 minutes and blink rapidly before disappearing.

Media[edit | edit source]