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125 Habitat.jpg
Tier Medium
Group Basic
Type Deployable
Recipe 2x Compound
Crafted at Printer
Research Yes

The Habitat, sometimes referred to as the "Dropship," is a small house-like structure that allows you to establish new bases anywhere by putting it on the ground and activating it via clicking the icon over it. When it isn't activated, the Habitat acts like any equipment you can print from the Printer; you can attach it to any two adjacent module slots and thus carry it by hand or on a vehicle.

When a player dies, they respawn and are brought back to their last saved landing area via a Habitat-based dropship. The same ship is how players arrive on the Terran planet the first time.

Once activated, it acts as :

  • The hub of a base from which to extend platforms
  • A place to protect yourself from storms, when entering it (by getting close and pressing Tab)
  • A way to save the game, each time it is entered
  • A respawn point in case of death (to act as a spawn, you must enter the habitat at least once after activating it)
  • An infinite source of Oxygen

The habitat has two slots on its side to attach up to 2 small items.