Landing Pad

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Landing Pad
Landing Pad.jpg
Tier Medium
Group Basic
Type Item
Recipe 2x Icon Ceramic.png Ceramic
1x Icon Aluminum.png Aluminum
Byte Cost 750 Bytes

The Landing Pad is a structure in Astroneer. A special Landing Pad is spawned next to the Habitat when starting a new game. Crafted landing pads function differently, and can be crafted at the Medium Printer.

Source[edit | edit source]

Output Input Module
Icon Landing Pad.png Landing Pad Icon Aluminum.png Aluminum
Icon Ceramic.png Ceramic x2
Icon Medium Printer.png Medium Printer

Uses[edit | edit source]

The naturally-spawned pad is used to spawn a startup package, which includes packaged variants of a Medium Printer, an Oxygenator, and a Medium Platform B. Using the control panel after having spawned a startup package will destroy the originals and spawn new crates on the pad. As it is a unique structure like the starting Shelter there is no way to destroy it.

In co-op sessions, the visiting players will land at the Landing Pad upon joining.