Large Platform

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A module platform before a module is selected and added to it. Note that 2 Aluminum are required to add the module shown in the example.

Large Platform is a building unit Astroneer.

Large Platforms are created when 2 Resin are added to a normal platform.

  • Once upgraded, modules can be built upon this structure, by clicking through the available schematics and adding the appropriate materials to create the module.
  • Large Platforms cannot expand out with more Resin.
  • You can connect vehicles to module platforms using the umbulical on the front of the platform.

Uses[edit | edit source]

Though they are primarily used for crafting modules, Large Platform can be also used for the following:

  • Housing for power sources, like solar panels.
  • Storage, each platform has 4 attachment points that are free to use.

Limits[edit | edit source]

You may have up to 6 Module Platforms directly connected to your Habitat. However, this limit can be avoided by creating a platform with only a single resin, building off of that platform and repeating.