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A module platform before a module is selected and added to it. Note that 2 Aluminum are required to add the module shown in the example.

Large Platform is a building unit Astroneer.

Large Platforms are created when 2 Resin are added to a normal platform.

  • Once upgraded, modules can be built upon this structure, by clicking through the available schematics and adding the appropriate materials to create the module.
  • Large Platforms cannot expand out with more Resin.
  • You can connect vehicles to module platforms using the umbulical on the front of the platform.

Uses[edit | edit source]

Though they are primarily used for crafting modules, Large Platform can be also used for the following:

  • Housing for power sources, like solar panels.
  • Storage, each platform has 4 attachment points that are free to use.

Limits[edit | edit source]

You may have up to 6 Module Platforms directly connected to your Habitat. However, this limit can be avoided by creating a platform with only a single resin, building off of that platform and repeating.

Modules can Only be removed by being destroyed. Only Dynamite that is placed near the base of the platform will be able to destroy it.

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