Large Storage

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Large Storage
Large Storage2.jpg
Tier Large
Group Storage
Type Module
Recipe 4x Compound
Crafted at Vehicle Bay
Research Yes

The Large Storage is a Tier-3 Version of the Storage. It is crafted using the Vehicle Bay, and cannot be detached or reattached once built. It can be fitted to either a Large Rover or a Medium Rover, as well as a Large Shuttle.

Usage[edit | edit source]

  • Just like the Medium Storage, it also has 8 attachment points, meaning it can support a total of 4 Tier-2 Modules
  • If you put this on a Medium Rover, you will no longer be able to drive it. This is meant for Large Rover primarily, however, if you have a second vehicle, you can use the Medium Rover as a trailer for it by attaching with a cable
  • It is possible to build the Large Storage without placing it first on a vehicle by crafting it on a filled up vehicle(source?)

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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