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Multiplayer[edit | edit source]

Multiplayer functionality exists within Astroneer between clients on the same platform. (Windows Store and Xbox can play with each other)

Be aware that:

  • Playing in multiplayer mode is still potentially very buggy and should only ever be attempted when both using the exact same version of the game.
  • The host of the game may experience increased performance issues due to their machine having to process a great deal more information.

Steam Users[edit | edit source]

Steam users can only join games only of those on their friends list. To do so one player needs to start a game and then others need to use their Steam interfaces to join.

Xbox & Win10 crossplay[edit | edit source]

To invite another player to your game, you have in to invite them to your game through the Xbox party feature on either the Windows Xbox app or Xbox.

Once they accept the invite it will redirect them to your game. They will be able to tell if they are connected once they see a little house icon on the planet.

Finding other players[edit | edit source]

On the Official Astroneer Discord server, see the #player_search channel to find players. Just post a message in the channel, and other players will message you back.