Medium Platform B

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Medium Platform B
Platform medium b.png
Tier Medium
Group Basic
Type Deployable
Crafted at Icon Small Printer.png Small Printer
Recipe 2x Icon Resin.png Resin
Byte Cost 250 Bytes

Medium Platform B is one of the main building blocks of Astroneer. It can be built from a Small Fabricator, and requires 2x Icon Resin.png Resin. It can be used for solar fields or serve as the core network of a base. A Starting Platform is available from the Icon Landing Pad.png Landing Pad that functions the same as this platform, however it has a slightly different look to a normal Medium Platform B.

Source[edit | edit source]

Output Input Module
Icon Medium Platform B.png Medium Platform B Icon Resin.png Resin x2 Icon Small Printer.png Small Printer

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • They have two Tier-1 and one Tier-2 Attachment Slots.
  • They have four network cables that can be used to connect to your base.
  • They can connect to Icon Tether.png Tethers to provide Oxygen and Power to the player if an Icon Oxygenator.png Oxygenator is connected through the network.
  • They can be attached to walls and ceilings.

Media[edit | edit source]