Medium Rover

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Medium Rover
Tier Medium
Group Vehicle
Type Land
Recipe 2x Aluminium + 1 Ceramic
Crafted at Vehicle Bay
Research 3,000 Bytes

Medium Rovers are the second tier of land vehicles after the Small Rover in Astroneer.

Though they have a built-in battery, rovers need power to operate. However, they function as an unlimited supply of air when being driven or tethered to. Provided you have excess power to spare at a base camp, connecting the Medium Rover's energy pipes at the front or back to a similar connection on a platform will recharge its internal battery and the power in your backpack (with priority going to the rover).

The Medium Rover is much smaller than the Large Rover and can't support large modules, but is fairly maneuverable and can be taken down unexplored paths with caution.

Utility[edit | edit source]

Consumes 1 bar of power in 8 seconds. Without an external power source or batteries, the two bars of its internal battery empty in 16 seconds while accelerating in any direction continuously. The power gauge on the sides of the rover is not proportionate to small and medium batteries notably, and only contains a 25% of the power storage of a Small Battery. A Small Battery or Power Stack consequently more than quadruples the driving time for a Medium Rover, up to an additional 64 seconds.

Essentials[edit | edit source]

  • Rover Seat - Is required to drive the rover. Can be placed on the front or rear of the rover.

Power[edit | edit source]

Storage[edit | edit source]

  • A medium rover starts with 4 small attachment slots on its top that can hold 2 medium objects, and the front and the back each provide a tier-two slot each that can be used to either carry small or large items.
  • Medium Storage - Allows carrying more small items on the vehicle such as Resources; use in combination with Large Storage to maximize space efficiency.
  • Large Storage - Each of these doubles the number of attachment points on the top of the rover.
  • Medium Battery - Increases power capacity by 16 columns or 64 bars, giving an additional 512 seconds of continuous driving time.

Tools[edit | edit source]

  • Crane - Used with a Drill Head for bulk resource collection
  • Winch - Allows the rover to tow other vehicles from a longer distance or large objects that normally cannot be tethered to

Hauling and Trains[edit | edit source]

Like Large Rovers, Medium Rovers can be tethered together to form "trains".

There are limitations to how big a train can be, based on the number of vehicles and/or how full they are. The more vehicles or the more stuff that they carry, the slower they go, up to the point where they can no longer climb small rises or even move at all. Smaller trains of 2-4 cars are generally safe.

A Medium rover is capable of:

  • Pulling one loaded Large Rover
  • Pulling three loaded medium rovers

Tip: When pulling a Large Rover with a Medium Rover, power drain remains the same and you receive the benefit of the Large Rover's battery supply and storage capacity. However, handling is poor as the Large Rover has a tendency to jack-knife when braking.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Medium Rovers can link the power grids of base camps. As of alpha testing this is confirmed as two grids, but with adequate power sources in each base camp's grid, more may be possible.
  • Medium Rovers can supply unlimited oxygen and have attachment slots for supplies, so they can be use as general storage and function like temporary camps while exploring.
  • If you're in a drivers seat, debris from storms can't hurt you, which can make a vehicle a viable hiding place to wait out dangerous storms. As a precaution, note that vehicles do not auto-brake when a player is stationed in a chair on them.
  • The weight of a vehicle can be affected by attachments, additions, and how loaded up it is. The rover's weight determines how fast it can move or how/if it can be used in a train.

History[edit | edit source]

0.10.1: Changed the recipe from 2x Compound + 2x Aluminium to 2x Aluminium + 1 Ceramic

Media[edit | edit source]