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Modules are one of the main types of items in Astroneer. All crafted at Printers and used in base construction and functionality are considered Modules, each categorized by size or to which Attachment Slot they snap to.

Modules function in a variety of ways, from platforms which can hold other items, to Solar Panels which generate power. Some smaller modules, when placed on the ground, will provide their own attachment slot in the form of a Small Platform and can also be used in the backpack of a player, like a Small Solar Panel. Modules that the player can place or activate from their backpack or when placed on the ground are categorized as Deployables.

Not all modules are available to the player when starting a new game. To unlock new modules, the player must perform research to earn Bytes, which can then used to purchase new module Schematics from the Research Catalog. More advanced modules typically cost more Bytes to unlock.

Tier 1 - Small[edit | edit source]

Tier 1 modules are the smallest classification of modules, occupying a single Attachment Slot. They are also the most diverse in terms of how and where they can be deployed for use. With the exception of Crates, Tier 1 modules are created using the Backpack Printer.

Widgets[edit | edit source]

Widgets are Small modules that can be carried in the backpack and generally have some manner of active behavior when plugged into a widget-compatible slot.

Widget Description
Icon Solar.png Small Solar Panel Generates 0.5U/s of power in direct sunlight
Icon Wind Turbine.png Small Wind Turbine Generates up to 0.5U/s of power with wind
Icon Battery.png Small Battery Stores 32U of power
Icon Oxygen Tank.png Small Oxygen Tank Stores Oxygen when connected to a Icon Tether.png Tether, increasing available oxygen supply
Icon Generator.png Small Generator Consumes Icon Organic.png Organic to produce 1.0U/s of power. Can be turned on and off
Icon Oxygenator.png Portable Oxygenator Creates oxygen at the cost of energy (a full tank will consume 10 bars of power, all the power the backpack can hold)
Icon Worklight.png Worklight Generates light in a small radius with no power cost
Icon Worklight.png Floodlight Generates light in a direction. Must be connected to power but has no power cost
Icon Canister.png Canister Allows collection of soil for use in modifying terrain or in the Icon Soil Centrifuge.png Soil Centrifuge
Icon Thruster.png Hydrazine Jet Pack Provides sustained direction thrust, consumes Icon Hydrazine.png Hydrazine
Icon Thruster.png Solid-Fuel Jump Jet Provides additional boost when jumping, limited time usage
Icon Probe Scanner.png Probe Scanner Allows the player to find various probes on each planet.

Items[edit | edit source]

Item Description
Icon Tier Medium.png Small Printer Creates medium tier modules using 2 resources
Icon Power Cells.png Power Cells Provides 48U of power before disappearing completely
Icon Oxygen Tank.png Oxygen Filters Provides extra Oxygen for a limited amount of time
Icon Tether.png Tether Increases the distance a player can move from their base, provides power and oxygen with a connected Icon Oxygenator.png Oxygenator
Icon Extenders.png Extenders Allows the player to direct power in a single direction, good for prioritizing power flow
Icon Beacon.png Beacon Places a marker in the sky, allowing easier pathfinding
Icon Dynamite.png Dynamite Destroys modules if attached, and a radius of soil
Resources Used to create every item in the game
Icon Fireworks.png Fireworks Creates an explosion of red sparks in the sky after activation
Icon Packager.png Packager Packages items for easier transport
Crate Created when a Medium or larger item is printed, or when a packager is used

Augments[edit | edit source]

Main article: Augments

Augments are a type of module, similar to Widgets, that affect the way the Terrain Tool behaves. Items such as the Wide or Narrow Mod affect the size of the reticule, while the Boost Mod would affect the speed. Drill Mods allow the player to dig through tougher terrain on the planets.

Tier 2 - Medium[edit | edit source]

Medium modules are created at the Small Printer. They provide a variety of uses, from platforms, to drills for Rovers and thrusters for Shuttles. When in their packaged state, they can be carried in your backpack.

Item Description
Icon Tier Large.png Medium Printer Creates Tier-3 modules using 3 resources
Icon Battery.png Medium Battery Stores 256U of power
Icon Platforms.png Medium Platform A Has 1 Tier-2 slot
Icon Platforms.png Medium Platform B Has 1 Tier-2 slot and 2 Tier-1 slots
Icon Platforms.png Medium Platform C Has 1 Tier-2 slot and is circular
Icon Platforms.png Tall Platform Has 1 Tier-2 slot and 4 Tier-1 slots on top of a pole
Icon Storage.png Tall Storage Has 3 Tier-1 slots on top of a pole, with two of the slots angling downward
Icon Storage.png Medium Storage Stores up to 8 Tier-1 items
Icon Storage.png Medium Storage Silo Stores up to 24 Tier-1 items
Icon Solar.png Medium Solar Panel Generate Power from sunlight
Icon Wind Turbine.png Medium Wind Turbine Generate Power from the wind
Icon Generator.png Medium Generator Generate Power from Icon Carbon.png Carbon
Icon Rover Seat.png Rover Seat Allows driving a Rover or more space for passengers on a Shuttle
Icon Drill.png Drill Strength 1 Excavate terrain when paired with the Crane, Tractor, Medium Rover or Large Rover
Icon Drill.png Drill Strength 2 Excavate terrain when paired with the Crane, Tractor, Medium Rover or Large Rover
Icon Drill.png Drill Strength 3 Excavate terrain when paired with the Crane, Tractor, Medium Rover or Large Rover
Icon Winch.png Winch Pulls objects when connected to a player, best used for moving larger, immovable objects with Rovers
Icon Thruster.png Solid-Fuel Thruster Allows spaceflight when placed on a Shuttle, has a maximum of 4 uses before breaking
Icon Thruster.png Hydrazine Thruster Allows spaceflight when placed on a Shuttle, has 3 slots for Icon Hydrazine.png Hydrazine
Icon Shredder.png Medium Shredder Produces Icon Scrap.png Scrap from small debris and items
Icon Oxygenator.png Oxygenator Provides oxygen and power to connected Tethers

Tier 3 - Large[edit | edit source]

Large modules, crafted at a Icon Tier Large.png Medium Printer, allows the player to perform a variety of advanced tasks, such as creating Composite Resources to

Item Description
Icon Atmospheric Condenser.png Atmospheric Condenser Generates Atmospheric Recources using power
Icon Soil Centrifuge.png Soil Centrifuge Extracts certain Resources from soil 
Icon Tier Extra Large.png Large Printer Fabricates Extra Large Modules
Icon Research.png Research Chamber Extracts Bytes from Research Items and certain Resources
Icon Smelting Furnace.png Smelting Furnace Refine raw materials into its refined forms
Icon Trade Platform.png Trade Platform Trades Icon Scrap.png Scrap for resources
Icon Chemistry Lab.png Chemistry Lab Converts resources to alloys and other
Icon Shredder.png Large Shredder Able to turn up to Medium items into scrap
Icon Platforms.png Large Platform A hold 1 tier-3 module (or 2 tier-2 module, or 4 tier-1)
Icon Platforms.png Large Platform B hold 1 tier-3 module + 2 tier-2 module (or + holds 4 tier-1)
Icon Platforms.png Large Platform C hold 1 tier-3 module + holds 20 tier-1, not compatible with tier-2
Icon Storage.png Large Storage Provides attachment slots for up to four Tier-2 objects
Icon Storage.png Large Storage Silo A Provides attachment slots for up to eight Tier-2 objects
Icon Storage.png Large Storage Silo B Provides attachment slots for up to twelve Tier-2 objects
Icon Crane.png Crane When paired with Drill Head, capable of excavating terrains at a rapid pace
Icon Rover Seat.png Large Rover Seat Carries 3 passengers
Icon Recreational Sphere.png Recreational Sphere A large ball that can be used to score goals in the Recreational Canopy

Tier 4 - Extra Large[edit | edit source]

Item Description
Icon Storage.png Extra Large Storage Has 31 Tier 1 slots
Icon Platforms.png Extra Large Platform A Has 1 Tier 4 slot
Icon Platforms.png Extra Large Platform B Has 10 Tier 2 slots
Icon Platforms.png Extra Large Platform C Has 1 Tier 4 slot and 2 Tier 3 slots
Icon Shredder.png Extra Large Shredder Able to turn up to Large items into Scrap
Icon Platforms.png Recreational Canopy Has 6 Tier 2 slots and serves as a goal for the Recreational Sphere