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DisambiguationWarning.png This article is about Oxygen the concept. For Oxygen the resource, see Oxygen (resource).

Oxygen is an Astroneer's most vital resource, as it is the only absolute requirement for survival. If an Astroneer is without oxygen, they will begin taking damage and eventually die of suffocation.

Throughout the game, oxygen is represented by a light blue color.

Monitoring Oxygen[edit | edit source]

An Astroneer's backpack has a built-in oxygen tank capable of storing about 70 seconds-worth of oxygen. Its current oxygen level can be monitored using the bright blue bar across the top of the backpack, or through the audiovisual indicators that pop up when reaching the 50% and 25% marks. When close enough, the backpack will automatically connect to nearby oxygen supplies to refill itself.

Sources of Oxygen[edit | edit source]

An Astroneer receiving oxygen from a habitat module.
An Astroneer receiving oxygen from a habitat module.

Modules[edit | edit source]

Main Article: Modules

Initially, the most straightforward and readily-available source of oxygen is the habitat module, which produces oxygen at all times. The habitat will extend this oxygen supply to any additional modules as they are built, effectively making an Astroneer's base a safe-zone where one can work without fear of suffocation.

Vehicles[edit | edit source]

Main Article: Vehicle

As an Astroneer gathers new resources and researches new technologies, they'll eventually find themselves able to construct vehicles. Like the habitat, vehicles are capable of producing an endless supply of oxygen, and will do so even when their batteries are completely empty. This allows for far-flung exploration missions and other remote operations without fear of running out of oxygen.

Harvestable Oxygen Crystals buried in a wall.
Harvestable Oxygen Crystals buried in a wall.
An Astroneer standing near a spire of harvestable Oxygen Crystals.
An Astroneer standing near a Spire of harvestable Oxygen Crystals. These have been removed as of 0.4.10221.0.

Oxygen Crystals[edit | edit source]

Much like power, oxygen can be found both on and below the surface of planets in patches. Initially, collecting these oxygen crystals with the deform tool will replenish the backpack's oxygen supply. Once it is full, however, they will stack in the backpack in the same manner as other resources. These "oxygen stacks" will be consumed in lieu of the backpack's internal oxygen should you run out. It could also be obtained from spires before they were removed in 0.4.10221.0.

Extending Your Oxygen[edit | edit source]

Tethers[edit | edit source]

Main Article: Tether

Tethers do not technically provide oxygen, but they are capable of carrying oxygen from a habitat (or any connected base module) or vehicle to an Astroneer's backpack. Compact and affordable, tethers are the single most cost-effective way to extend your oxygen network, particularly in tight or treacherous spaces where a vehicle would be difficult to maneuver. Tethers that are connected to an oxygen supply will be illuminated a bright blue, while disconnected stretches will turn grey.

Tanks[edit | edit source]

Main Article: Tank

Tanks are crafted items that can be equipped to the backpack to increase an Astroneer's oxygen reserves. They essentially operate as an extension to the backpack's primary oxygen tank, emptying first when disconnected from an oxygen supply and filling last when connected. Each small tank holds exactly as much as the primary backpack oxygen tank.

Filters[edit | edit source]

Main Article: Filter

Filters are crafted items that can provide a brief safety net in the event of running out of oxygen. An Astroneer with a filter equipped to their backpack will be able to survive longer without oxygen before succumbing to the effects of suffocation. Filters notably hold an effective eleven minutes of air, but can only be attached to the backpack for 80 seconds before entirely burning up.

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