Patch 1.5.8

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The Wanderer Update
Patch 1.5.8.jpg
Version Number
Game Stage Release
Release Date September 26, 2019
Original Post Official System Era Patch Notes
Other Patches
Previous Patch Patch 1.4.15
Next Patch Patch 1.6.49

Updates[edit | edit source]

New objects have been added to the game!

Icon Probe Scanner.png Probe Scanner

Printed on: Icon Backpack.png Backpack
Resource Cost: 1 Icon Steel.png Steel
Byte Cost: 4,000

Suit & Wanderer palettes

This one is secret, but you will unlock them while completing the Wanderer experience!

Icon Platforms.png Figurine Platform

Printed on: Icon Tier Extra Large.png Large Printer
Resource Cost: 1 Icon Iron.png Iron, 2 Icon Steel.png Steel, 1 Icon Aluminum Alloy.png Aluminum Alloy
Byte Cost: 6,000

Icon Figurine.png Holographic Figurine

Printed from: Icon Backpack.png Backpack
Resource Cost: 1 Icon Plastic.png Plastic
Byte Cost: 3,000

Icon Figurine.png Stone Figurine Pieces

Stone figurines for the Figurine Platform that spawn on specific planets. Special Lapis and Jasper versions can be found on specific planets!

Icon Platforms.png Large Curved Platform

Printed from: Icon Tier Large.png Medium Printer
Resource Cost: 1 Icon Aluminum Alloy.png Aluminum Alloy, 1 Icon Ceramic.png Ceramic, 1 Icon Iron.png Iron
Byte Cost: 4,500

Icon Platforms.png Extra Large Curved Platform

Printed from: Large Printer
Resource Cost: 1 Icon Aluminum Alloy.png Aluminum Alloy, 1 Icon Steel.png Steel, 2 Icon Titanium.png Titanium
Byte Cost: 7500

Camera Filters

Added two new camera filters to the Icon Small Camera.png Small Camera to make your adventure photos even cooler!

Quality of Life[edit | edit source]

Several Quality of Life issues have been addressed in this update.

  • Boost Mod will now properly affect tool speed when combined with a Narrow or Wide mod regardless of equipping order or slot position.
  • Any combination of Augments can now be equipped simultaneously, (like Boost Mod and Inhibitor Mod)
  • Increased the number of beacon colors to 10, up from 6.
  • Fireworks now fire without delay when attached to aux slots and reactive sockets. Fireworks still have a delay when ignited on ground, or from a non-reactive slot.
  • T1 Platforms now have oxygen rails.

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

The following bugs have been fixed as of version.

Community Identified Issues

  • Last tether in bundle is now be placed as expected. Last glowstick and last extender in bundle are also being placed correctly now.
  • Soil Centrifuge is not becoming stuck in downward position when user saves and exits after it is done with its operation.


  • Orientation of packaged items is now maintained when placing them onto a platform.
  • Last glowstick in a bundle is placed with the correct orientation now, the same as every other glowstick.
  • Galactic suit now points when the player clicks on terrain.
  • Medium printer is now able to print on the XL Platform A, regardless of the direction it is facing.
  • Player is no longer able to print from the diagonal slots on the Large Hoop Platform B
  • Jetpack now shuts off when picking up an item while using the aux keys to fly.
  • Large Storage Ring now has correct SFX when picked up, dropped, and when landing.
  • Large storage now has correct SFX when picked up, dropped, and when landing
  • Hologram orientation of packaged Extra Large Arch Platform now matches the Hologram orientation of XL Arch Platform when printing.
  • Large Hoop Platforms now have the proper amount of oxygen connection points
  • Both sides of medium storage now have mouse collision when expanded.
  • LOD range for stalagmites has been increased
  • All three shredders now maintain any partial scrap nuggets they have through save load, and pick up where they left off when creating scrap after loading.
  • Small printer is no longer able to print from the diagonal slots on the tall platform. When placed in one of the slots, the printer is inactive.
  • All platforms cables now disconnect once out of cable range.
  • Printer is disabled when slotted into any of the non-horizontal slots on the Recreational Canopy.


  • Client is now able to hear their own backpack printer SFX.
  • Dropship will now bring players to the original starting shelter instead of the new player-created shelter when there are multiple shelters in a game.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

This update was released in honor of the late Paul Pepera, one of the co-founders of System Era.