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Patch 219

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Update 219
Patch 219.jpg
Version Number 0.4.10219.0
Game Stage Pre-Alpha
Exclusive to Xbox One
Release Date November 7, 2017
Original Post Link to SystemEra forums page
Other Patches
Previous Patch Patch 215
Next Patch Patch 221

This is an update specifically for Xbox One X users, rolling out the Xbox One X Enhanced version of Astroneer! This update pushes the game to render at 4K UHD as well as other enhancements made possible by Xbox One X hardware. There is an equivalent patch on all other Xbox "Play Anywhere" users, but only to make sure that all versions can play multiplayer together. More information about our next content update for all platforms coming later this week!

Here are some screenshots taken directly from an Xbox One X kit.

Patch 219 a.jpg

Patch 219 b.jpg

Patch 219 c.jpg

Patch 219 d.jpg