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The starting planet Sylva.

In Astroneer, each of the planets are procedurally generated with unique Resources, Types, and Collectibles of their own. They can be completely reshaped by your Tools.

Planets[edit | edit source]

Planet Type Primary Secondary Gases Difficulty Sun Wind
Icon Sylva.png Sylva Terran Icon Sphalerite.png Sphalerite Icon Malachite.png Malachite Icon Hydrogen.png Hydrogen
Icon Nitrogen.png Nitrogen
Easy Medium Medium
Icon Desolo.png Desolo Terran Moon Icon Wolframite.png Wolframite Icon Sphalerite.png Sphalerite None Easy High Low
Icon Calidor.png Calidor Arid Icon Malachite.png Malachite Icon Wolframite.png Wolframite Icon Hydrogen.png Hydrogen
Icon Sulfur.png Sulfur
Medium Very High Low
Icon Vesania.png Vesania Exotic Icon Lithium.png Lithium Icon Titanite.png Titanite Icon Hydrogen.png Hydrogen
Icon Nitrogen.png Nitrogen
Icon Argon.png Argon
Medium Low High
Icon Novus.png Novus Exotic Moon Icon Hematite.png Hematite Icon Lithium.png Lithium Icon Hydrogen.png Hydrogen
Icon Methane.png Methane
Medium High High
Icon Glacio.png Glacio Tundra Icon Titanite.png Titanite Icon Hematite.png Hematite Icon Argon.png Argon Hard Very Low Very High
Icon Atrox.png Atrox Radiated None None Icon Helium.png Helium
Icon Methane.png Methane
Icon Nitrogen.png Nitrogen
Icon Sulfur.png Sulfur
Very Hard Low Low

Landing Zones[edit | edit source]

Landing Zones are locations on each planet that a player may land on using a Shuttle. Landing zones are marked with a sphere when viewed in orbit around the planet, allowing the player to select the zone to land in that location.

Landing Zones appear naturally at the start of the game, or from the use of a Landing Pad. If a Landing Pad is used in or near another landing zone, they may overlap and the player may have trouble selecting the proper zone to land in. Landing Pads do not have Beacons, so they may be hard to distinguish from naturally occuring Landing Zones.

Media[edit | edit source]