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This page contains information about the Platforms in the game. Updated to Version 0.6.5[edit | edit source]

Small Platform[edit | edit source]

Created when a small power generator or similar is placed on the ground.

Includes 2 power connectors. Not craftable.

Medium Tier[edit | edit source]

Medium Platform A[edit | edit source]

The core structure of a base, Medium Platforms are used for utility purposes, connecting Large Platforms together, and often small wind farms and solar arrays.

Includes 4 power connectors, one Tier-2 slot, and two Tier-1 slots.

Medium Platform B[edit | edit source]

More compact version of the Medium Platform.

Includes 4 power connectors and one Tier-2 slot.

Large Tier[edit | edit source]

Large Platform A[edit | edit source]

This platform is used for Tier-3 Modules such as printers and smelters, and can be used for large scale solar arrays and wind farms.

Includes 4 power connectors, two Tier-2 slots, and one Tier-3 slot.

Large Platform B[edit | edit source]

Compact version of the Large platform.

Includes 4 power connectors, and one Tier-3 slot.

Large Platform C[edit | edit source]

Winged version of the Large Platform, replacing the two tier-2 slots with twenty tier-1 slots.

Includes 4 power connectors, twenty Tier-1 slots, and one Tier-3 slot.

Large Platform D[edit | edit source]

Unique design with two angled surfaces that can be used for compact solar or wind farms, battery storage, or displaying research items or marbles.

Includes 4 power connectors, and ten Tier-2 slots.

Extra Large Tier[edit | edit source]

Extra Large Platform[edit | edit source]

Octagonal shaped platform that can be used by tier-4 modules.

Includes 8 power connectors and one Tier-4 slot.

Media[edit | edit source]

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