Medium Printer

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Medium Printer
Medium fab.png
Tier Medium
Group Basic
Type Fabricator
Recipe 2x Compound
Research No

Medium Printer is a printing module that creates Tier-3 Base related modules, such as the Research Chamber and Large Platform A. It requires being placed on any platform with at least one Tier 2 slot to function. It is functional on the Tier 2 slots on rovers, but it will not work if placed on any storage or on any shuttle. Due to it being capable of creating essential modules such as the Research Chamber, Smelting Furnace, and the Chemistry Lab, it is arguably one of the most important objects in the game.

The Starting Medium Printer cannot be shredded in the Medium Shredder or Large Shredder, likely so players will not abuse the infinite startup packages. However, a Medium Printer the player has crafted can still be shredded for scrap.

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