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DisambiguationWarning.png This article is about the small base module printer. For the smaller, backpack-based printer, see Backpack.
Small printer
Medium Printer-BB.png
Tier Large
Group Fabricator
Type Module
Recipe 1x Compound
Crafted at backpack
Research 250 Bytes

The Medium Printer is no longer in the game and has been merged with the Small Fabricator

The Small Printer is a base module capable of printing larger, more expensive objects than the backpack printer. It costs 1 Compound to construct.

Cycling through the small printer module's available schematics will fill the input slots with the appropriate resources if they are attached to its base, either directly or via Medium Storage.

Printable Objects[edit | edit source]

Object Resource Cost Description
Open 1-Seat 2x Compound Attaches to a vehicle, allowing an Astroneer to control it.
Medium Storage 2x Compound Provides a large, movable rack for item storage.
Medium Wind Turbine 2x Aluminum Quickly generates power when exposed to wind.
Drill Head 1x Resin , 1x Tungsten Attaches to a crane or Large Rover, allowing it to destroy terrain and collect resources.
Medium Battery 2x Lithium Stores a large amount of power for later use.
Medium Generator 2x Copper Generates a large amount of power in exchange for fuel.
Habitat 2x Copper Provides oxygen and a primary connection point for new base modules.
Medium Solar Panel 2x Copper Quickly generates power when exposed to natural light.
Winch 2x Titanium Attaches to a vehicle, allowing it to tow large objects.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is preferred to just print the 1-Seat via the printer, due to the fact that most modules printed by the vehicle bay are immovable, however a change was made so that the 1-Seat could be moved like all the other medium modules.
  • In the Basebuilding update, the internal storage was removed and it was made slower, along with it requiring more power.
  • In the future, Players will be able to print colored modules in the printer, by augmenting it with a Terrain Analyzer[1]. Unfortunately, it was removed from the game before this became possible and was replaced by the small fabricator.

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