The Project CHEER Recovery Mission is active until Monday, January 20. Points have been doubled so play now to unlock the various wintery rewards and help benefit the Seattle Children's Hospital.

Project CHEER Recovery Mission

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The Project CHEER Recovery Mission is the first community mission in Astroneer. It was added with the Holiday Update, and is accessible through the Icon Trade Platform.png EXO Request Platform. It will run from December 16, 2019 to January 17, 2020, and the main objective is to benefit the Seattle Children's Hospital, through Extra Life.

Mission Contribution and Goals[edit | edit source]

Players can contribute to the Project CHEER Recovery Mission by collecting the special mission items found on four planets: Icon Sylva.png Sylva, Icon Desolo.png Desolo, Icon Calidor.png Calidor, and Icon Glacio.png Glacio. These items are scattered around the surface and underground caverns on these planets. Once found, players can package the items using the Icon Packager.png Packager, allowing them to be placed on the EXO Request Platform. Each item generates a different colored package and yields a number of Recovery Points. These values are summarised in the table below:

Item Package Color Recovery Points*
Automaton 001 Bronze 10
Automaton 002 Bronze 10
Cubic Object Silver 30
Stellar Object Gold 120

*Points were doubled in the last week of the mission.

The goal of the mission is to find the various items scattered around planets and found near EXO Delivery Crate wrecks, and trade them in with the EXO Request Platform for 500 Byte per payload. Players can obtain various rewards when they reach certain personal goals, or when the community reaches a community goal. These goals and rewards are outlined in the table below:

Reward Points To Unlock
Frosty Palette 400 Recovery Points
Frosty Visor 2,500 Recovery Points
Frosty Mask 2,500 Recovery Points
Holiday Top Hat* 100,000,000 Community Recovery Points
  • Although not trackable in-game, SES is keeping track of the total amount of points sent in from all players and will award the hat when the goal is reached.

Charity[edit | edit source]

This mission is the first of its kind in Astroneer, with goals set up to help benefit the Seattle Children's Hospital through Extra Life. For every 50 million points that players submit through the EXO Request Platform, SES will donate $5,000, up to a total of $20,000. Players will have until January 17, 2020 to meet the goals.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Players who wish to contribute more points than the 2,500 may do so, and keep track of them in-game on the EXO Request Platform.
  • The objects are scattered on Sylva, Desolo, Calidor, and Glacio, on the surface and underground of each of the planets.

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