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MOTION SICKNESS WARNING: Radiated planet rotates around the skybox at an incredibly accelerated rate, many player experienced slight nausea when exploring this planet.
Radiated Planet

Radiated is one of the Planets in Astroneer. It is the smallest and innermost planet in the Astroneer solar system, and can be accessed by flying to it with a Spaceship.

Due to its slow rotation, the day/night cycle on the Radiated planet takes more time than the on the Terran planet. This makes it challenging to sustain one's electricity level with only Solar Panels, so it is advised to use Wind Vanes and Wind Turbines to generate power. Conveniently, Radiated planets have permanent wind locations on the surface or just above the surface. Wind Vanes and Turbines placed in these areas provide infinite power. One of the planet's poles is also exposed to permanent daytime, making Solar Panels effective. Technically, all of the planets are above the plane of the star; this makes accessing sunlight as simple as finding the pole that is at the very bottom of the planet, but due to the procedural generation of planets, one might find that the perfect spot is at the top of a mountain or on a floating pod, making it difficult to find a place to build.

The average time it takes for a day/night cycle to pass is about 20 minutes.

Resources[edit | edit source]

Acquiring Resin[edit | edit source]

Since Resin is crucial for base expansion and making canisters, players use a lot of it, and are therefore surprised that there isn't nearly as much on Radiated as on other planets. Attempting to mine Resin on Radiated planets is inadvisable; consider bringing as much as is needed to start a base.

Trading[edit | edit source]

Assuming you have researched the Trade Platform, a perfectly viable strategy is to build one at your base. Resources which are uncommon on other planets are common on Radiated planets, meaning one may trade for quite a lot of important resources (such as Resin) which don't appear frequently. Coal is likely the best candidate for trade, as it is found everywhere on the planet.

Soil Extraction[edit | edit source]

You can use the Mineral Extractor to create more Resin, provided you have brought or obtained the cloning sample.

Biome[edit | edit source]

Worm Pit: The only surface biome of Radiated planets; indestructible Worm Pits spawn all over the biome. Falling into one results in instant death.