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Recreational Sphere

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Recreational Sphere Recreational Sphere
Tier Large
Group Item
Type Recreational
Crafted at Icon Tier Large.png Medium Printer
Recipe 1x Icon Rubber.png Rubber
1x Icon Aluminum Alloy.png Aluminum Alloy
Unlock Cost 4,500 Bytes

The Recreational Sphere is a recreational item in Astroneer.

Source[edit | edit source]

Output Input Module
Icon Recreational Sphere.png Recreational Sphere Icon Rubber.png Rubber
Icon Aluminum Alloy.png Aluminum Alloy
Icon Tier Large.png Medium Printer

Uses[edit | edit source]

  • The Recreational Sphere resembles a beach ball, which can be used in combination with the Icon Platforms.png Recreational Canopy to play any sort of sport in a multiplayer game.
  • Once the Recreational Sphere enters a Icon Platforms.png Recreational Canopy, the Recreational Canopy will display lights, play a loud blaring noise, and display fireworks.
  • A variant of the Recreational Sphere can be found on Calidor, which features blue, red and yellow colors rather than blue only, as is on the printed version.

Gallery[edit | edit source]