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Schematics are either pre-unlocked at beginning of the game, or unlocked by purchasing them using Bytes. Bytes are gained from Researching various found objects, or by collecting harvestables which can be found in the world. Schematics are also split into different categories and research tiers. Schematics can be unlocked as long as the player has enough bytes to purchase it.

Researchable Tech (By Size)[edit | edit source]

See also List of Objects: Research Catalog Objects Table.

Name Type Byte Cost Description
Small (Tier-1)
Icon Tether.png Tether Basic Free Allows the transport of power and oxygen to the player from their primary source
Icon Canister.png Canister Storage Free Allows the player to store and transport Icon Soil.png Soil
Icon Beacon.png Beacon Tool 250 Leaves a marker which can be seen from a distance when placed
Icon Worklight.png Worklight Tool 500 Gives off light when provided power
Icon Oxygen Filters.png Oxygen Filters Consumable Free Contains 4 Charges of Oxygen
Icon Small Oxygen Tank.png Small Oxygen Tank Storage 1,600 Stores Oxygen for travel
Icon Small Generator.png Small Generator Power Free Generates power using Icon Organic.png Organic
Icon Small Solar Panel.png Small Solar Panel Power 500 Generates small amount of power using sunlight
Icon Small Wind Turbine.png Small Wind Turbine Power 500 Generates small amount of power using wind
Icon Power Cells.png Power Cells Power 800 Contains 4 Bars of Power
Icon Small Battery.png Small Battery Power/Storage 1,500 Stores small amount of Power
Icon Wide Mod.png Wide Mod Augments 800 Increases the radius of the terrain tool's brush
Icon Tool Mod.png Alignment Mod Augments 800 Create flat planes parallel or perpendicular to the horizon, depending on the camera's angle
Icon Tool Mod.png Inhibitor Mod Augments 800 Disables an object's primary function
Icon Tool Mod.png Boost Mod Augments 800 Used to speed up the object it is attached to (currently only works with the terrain tool)
Icon Tool Mod.png Narrow Mod Augments 800 Decreases the radius of the terrain tool's brush
Icon Tool Mod.png Terrain Analyzer Augments 1,600 Stores color of excavated terrain; used for coloring Icon Soil.png Soil
Icon Extenders.png Extenders Power 500 Transports power in a single direction from a power source to a power consumer
Icon Dynamite.png Dynamite Tool 3,000 Used to destroy unwanted Modules, Vehicles, etc.
Icon Fireworks.png Fireworks Misc 3,000 Setting them off causes it to go high into the air(after a small delay)and explode with a red color
Icon Small Printer.png Small Printer Printer Free Prints smaller base building parts like the Icon Splitter.png Splitter
Icon Splitter.png Splitter Power 1,000 Splits the power intake between two power outputs, or merges two power intakes into one power output
Medium (Tier-2)
Icon Medium Generator.png Medium Generator Power 3,000 Generates a fair amount of power using Icon Carbon.png Carbon
Icon Medium Solar Panel.png Medium Solar Panel Power 3,000 Generates a fair amount of power using sunlight
Icon Medium Wind Turbine.png Medium Wind Turbine Power 2,000 Generates a fair amount of power using wind
Icon Medium Battery.png Medium Battery Storage 3,000 Stores 16 bars of Power
Icon Medium Storage.png Medium Storage Storage Free Stores up to 8 small Items
Icon Medium Platform A.png Medium Platform A Platform Free A medium-sized platform with a tier-2 slot and 2 additional tier-1 slots
Icon Medium Platform B.png Medium Platform B Platform 250 A medium-sized platform with a tier-2 slot
Icon Medium Shredder.png Medium Shredder Machine 1,000 Turns unwanted items (below tier 2) into Icon Scrap.png Scrap
Icon Shelter.png Shelter Basic 4,000 Acts as a home base, provides Power and Icon Oxygen.png Oxygen if an Icon Oxygenator.png Oxygenator is installed
Icon Drill Strength 1.png Drill Strength 1 Vehicle Mod 1,500 A tool for Vehicles that can drill through the hard soil around rare resources; can be mounted on a Icon Crane.png Crane
Icon Solid-Fuel Thruster.png Solid-Fuel Thruster Vehicle Mod 500
Icon Hydrazine Thruster.png Hydrazine Thruster Vehicle Mod 3,000
Icon Winch.png Winch Tools 3,000 Can be attached to an object to drag it around
Icon Rover Seat.png Rover Seat Vehicle Mod Free Used to drive rovers
Icon Medium Printer.png Medium Printer Printer Free Prints almost all essential base building parts
Large (Tier-3)
Icon Large Platform A.png Large Platform A Platform Free A large-sized platform with a tier-3 slot and 2 additional tier-2 slots
Icon Large Platform B.png Large Platform B Platform 500 A large-sized platform with a tier-3 slot
Icon Large Platform C.png Large Platform C Platform 2,000 A large-sized platform with a tier-3 slot and 20 additional tier-1 slots
Icon Research Chamber.png Research Chamber Research Free Used to Research various items to gain Bytes
Icon Smelting Furnace.png Smelting Furnace Machine 250 Used to smelt ores into their respective metals
Icon Soil Centrifuge.png Soil Centrifuge Machine 750 Extracts resources from Icon Soil.png Soil
Icon Chemistry Lab.png Chemistry Lab Machine 1,250 Used to create compounds
Icon Atmospheric Condenser.png Atmospheric Condenser Collector 1,750 Uses a lot of Power to extract gases from the planet's atmosphere
Icon Trade Platform.png Trade Platform Economy 2,000 Trades resources
Icon Large Shredder.png Large Shredder Machine 2,000 Used to shred debris and other items to create Icon Scrap.png Scrap. Can shred larger items than the Icon Medium Shredder.png Medium Shredder
Icon Large Storage.png Large Storage Storage 2,000 Expands a T3 connector into four T2 connectors
Icon Crane.png Crane Vehicle Mod 3,500 Built on Vehicles; can be used to mine resource if paired with the drill head
Icon Rover Seat.png Large Rover Seat Vehicle Mod 1,500 Supports up to 3 players riding on a vehicle
Extra Large (Tier 4)
Icon Extra Large Storage.png Extra Large Storage Storage 3,000 Stores up to 31 small items
Icon Extra Large Platform A.png Extra Large Platform A Platform 2,000 An extra-large-sized platform with a single tier-4 slot
Icon Extra Large Platform B.png Extra Large Platform B Platform 2,000 A large-sized platform with 10 tier-2 slots
Icon Buggy.png Buggy Land Vehicle 1,500
Icon Medium Rover.png Medium Rover Land Vehicle 3,000
Icon Large Rover.png Large Rover Land Vehicle 4,000 A large land vehicle, with four 2-slot connections
Icon Small Shuttle.png Small Shuttle Spacecraft 1,500
Icon Medium Shuttle.png Medium Shuttle Spacecraft 3,000 A spacecraft capable of interplanetary travel
Icon Large Shuttle.png Large Shuttle Spacecraft 4,000 A larger spacecraft capable of interplanetary travel