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Schematics are either gained from the beginning of the game, or trough purchasing it using Byte, which is gained from Researching various objects within the game. Schematics are also split into different category and research tier. Schematics can be unlocked regardless as long as you have enough byte to purchase it.

Researchable Tech (By Size)[edit | edit source]

Name Type Byte Cost Description
Small Tier
Small Solar Panel Power 200 Generates small amount of power using sunlight
Small Wind Turbine Power 200 Generates small amount of power using wind
Small Battery Storage 2000 Stores small amount of Power
Small Oxygen Tank Storage 1600 Stores Oxygen for travel
Power Cells Power 300 Contains 4 Bars of Power
Filters Consumable 300 Contains 4 Charges of Oxygen
Dynamite Misc 3600 Used to destroy unwanted Modules, Vehicles, etc.
Boost Mod Augments 800 Used to speed up the object it is attached to (currently only works with the terrain tool)
Wide Mod Augments 1600 Increases the radius of the terrain tool's brush
Narrow Mod Augments 1200 Decreases the radius of the terrain tool's brush
Alignment Mod Augments 1800 Create flat planes parallel or perpendicular to the horizon, depending on the camera's angle
Inhibitor Mod Augments 1200 Disables an object's primary function
Terrain Analyzer Augments 3000 Stores color of excavated terrain; used for coloring sediment
Medium Tier
Habitat Basic 4000 Can be used to start a new base
Medium Solar Panel Basic 2500 Generates a fair amount of power using sunlight
Medium Wind Turbine Power 3200 Generates a fair amount of power using wind
Medium Generator Power 3000 Generates a fair amount of power using Coal
Winch Tools 4000 Can be attached to an object to drag it around
Medium Storage Storage 1000 Stores up to 8 small Items
Battery Storage 6000 Stores 16 bars of Power
Drill Head Vehicle Mod 1500 A Terrain Tool for Vehicles that can drill through the hard sediment around rare resources; can be mounted on a Crane
Large Tier
Medium Printer 500
Vehicle Bay 1000
Fuel Condenser Collector 3500 Uses a lot of power and one canister to produce a canister of Hydrazine
Trade Platform Economy 4000 Trades resources
Mineral Extractor 500
Hydrazine Catalyzer 3000
Crane Vehicle Mod 2000 Built on Vehicles; can be used to mine resource if paired with the drill head
Large Storage Storage 3200 Expands two 2-slot connectors into four 2-slot connectors
3-Seat Vehicle Mod 1800 Supports up to 3 players riding on a vehicle
Medium Rover Land 2400
Large Rover Land 6000 A large land vehicle, with four 2-slot connections
Shuttle Spacecraft 3600 A spacecraft capable of interplanetary travel
Spaceship Spacecraft 8000 A larger spacecraft capable of interplanetary travel
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