Sediment Processor

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Sediment Processor
Tier Large
Group Module
Type Refinery
Recipe 2x Copper
Crafted at Large Platform

The Sediment Processor is an upcoming module which have the ability to extract resources from terrain collected via the Canister, currently, it can only filter normal sediment, but the developer stated that they are working on different types of Sediments

There are two specific function of the sediment processor

  • Clone: Some common terrain can be refined into a common resource of choice
  • Filter: Certain terrain however, which usually congregates around rare resource, can be refined further to gain even more of said rare resource

The below table summarises the result when a a full sediment tank is processed

Seed Resource Number of clones produced
Compound 4
Resin 4
Organic 2
Laterite 1
Malachite 1